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  The death of anyone is a tragic occurrence. Deaths can be even more tragic when someone dies suddenly. It is a sad reality that many deaths could have been prevented if the proper precautions had been taken. In South Carolina, many deaths occur simply because another individual was acting recklessly or negligently. If an [...]

  Recently, a Georgetown teen died in a car accident on what would have been his graduation day. This tragedy is only one of many stories of terrible car accidents that happen over the summer months. Unfortunately, while the dangers of driving on winter icy roads are apparent, many fail to use the same level [...]

The last thing you may want to think about when heading to the lake for a day is getting injured. However, more and more people are getting hurt in an unexpected way. Rope swings, often strung up over creeks or the shores of a lake, are usually believed to be harmless summer fun, but a [...]

As the weather begins to warm up more and more bicyclists are getting out on the road. Bicycling is a great way to great fresh air and can act as a part of a healthy lifestyle. However, due to their lack of protections, cyclists who are involved in accidents often suffer serious injuries, especially if [...]

A Charleston County police officer witnessed his partner get murdered while on duty at a shootout in West Ashley. The man who witnessed his partner die was also shot, which entitled him to workers’ compensation. However, he would not have been able to get coverage if he did not also take a bullet.  The officer [...]

Tragically, many individuals are affected by a long term injuries or disabilities. These disabilities can have a serious long term impact on an individual’s standard of living and their overall emotional and physical health. However, if an individual is eligible, there are benefits that exist under federal and South Carolina law that can help individuals [...]

An unfortunate reality is that there are far too many drunk drivers on South Carolina’s roads each year. In fact, recently South Carolina has had the worst number of drunken driving deaths. While there are criminal charges that accompany the arrests of drunk drivers, families are often left feeling incomplete, especially if they lost a [...]

With summer right around the corner, more and more people are putting their boats in the waters of Lake Murray, Lake Moultrie and the Inner Coastal waterway. A long day of sun and a cooler packed with food and beverages may make the driver of a boat forget that they are still operating a vehicle. [...]

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