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If you are unsatisfied with your workers’ compensation settlement, there are appeal options available to you. Even if you were granted benefits but disagree with parts of the decision involving your benefits, you are protected and have the right to file an appeal with the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission. It is not required that [...]

Some types of personal injury cases are based on strict liability. This means that a particular person or entity is held strictly liable for any injuries that are produced by their actions. Strict liability is usually imposed by statute, and there are certain types of personal injuries where liability strictly falls with another when a [...]

Personal injury is a commonly used term. What exactly does personal injury mean? Personal injury is a legal term that accounts for injuries that result from an accident of some kind. Injuries can include those that are physical, mental, or emotional. Personal injury does not include damage to property. An element that needs to be [...]

Traumatic brain injury can be caused by a number of factors such as falling, motor vehicle accidents, being struck by a moving object, violent attacks, military combat, and sports injuries. In the United States, approximately 1.7 million people get a brain injury each year; 50,000 of those individuals will die from the injury and 80,000 [...]

The winter months in South Carolina are often accompanied by a few snowstorms. Sometimes these storms include ice. Albeit pretty, these storms can be very dangerous, and they frequently lead to personal injuries. In particular, these snow and ice storms regularly cause injuries from slip and falls. These slip and fall injuries can lead to [...]

Motorcycle accidents can be tragic and often fatal. In the year 2010, there were 1,819 reported motorcycle accidents in South Carolina alone. As a matter of fact, fatalities from motorcycle accidents accounted for nearly 10 percent of all the traffic fatalities in 2010. If you are injured while riding a motorcycle, and if you can [...]

According to a recent compilation of data from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in 2014, there were approximately 6,498 total active issued pilot licenses issued in the state of South Carolina. Whether you are a pilot, co-pilot, or a passenger, being involved in a private or commercial airplane crash can have long-term legal implications in [...]

An accident involving a semi-truck, tractor-trailer, or other type of truck is not your typical automobile accident. Trucking accidents have been and continue to be more common as the number of both trucks and cars on the road continues to significantly increase on an annual basis. A recent story highlights the severe danger of trucking [...]

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