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ATV Accident

The popularity of all terrain vehicles (ATV) is on the rise and so is the number of ATV accidents, serious injuries and deaths caused by operating these vehicles. Failure to provide adequate warnings and instructions coupled with design flaws and inferior (cheap) and defective parts create a dangerous combination which, all too often, results in catastrophic and fatal accidents.

More often than not ATVs fall into the hands of inexperienced riders and even children who do not have the appropriate training, skill, judgment, strength and motor skills necessary to operate an ATV safely. Even professionals who use ATVs may be unaware of defects or design flaws. ATV manufacturers and distributors market ATV’s in a way that is meant to entice owners and riders with the power and speed of an ATV in extreme conditions. The truth of the matter is it encourages unsafe riding.

Many ATVs have design flaws which make them susceptible to rollover. In addition, other design flaws prevent the vehicles from protecting the rider from injury in the event of a crash. Some ATVs have even exploded during a crash.

Because ATV accidents are usually very serious, immediate intervention is needed to protect the evidence, secure the ATV for study and investigation and document the incident.

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