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Columbia Train Accident Lawyer

The attorneys of the Solomon Law Group are well known for their participation in the 2005 lawsuit on behalf of victims of the Graniteville Train Accident. This incident occurred when a freight train hit a parked train, resulting in the release of chlorine. The collision was caused by a crew member failing to return a switch to its proper position. The firm was instrumental in obtaining just settlements for the many people injured as the result of the train accident.

Many of today’s train crossings were not designed for the traffic they now handle. Improperly designed or maintained train tracks, gate arms that don’t work correctly and modern-day high speed trains often create a disastrous result for the unsuspecting and innocent train rider or motor vehicle operator. Additionally, workers challenged by mandated service hours and failing to properly perform their job can contribute to these accidents. Unfortunately, the federal agencies in charge of regulating train operations and train crossing design are not funded or staffed to provide the proper supervision for effective public safety.

Experience counts when seeking a law firm that can handle such complex and complicated train accident or train crossing cases. Whether your claim is a single claim (you were the only one injured) or one that requires a class action suit where many people were injured in the same event, the attorneys of the Solomon Law Group are prepared.

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