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Premises Liability & Slip and Fall

Thousands of people each year are seriously injured in accidents, many resulting in permanent disability or disfigurement. While some accidents are unavoidable, sometimes the fault lays with the property owner or his/her employees for failing to take action to correct a known safety issue. If a person slips or trips and falls on a floor, a flight of stairs or a rough patch of ground (called a slip and fall injury or a slip fall injury) due to the negligence of the property owner to correct a problem, the owner may be liable for the injury. If the building was not constructed to code, the building owner, contractor, and/or architect may be liable for the injury. It often takes an experienced premises liability attorney to determine if there is a legal case arising out of the incident that caused the injuries.

Homeowners and business owners have a duty to keep their property safe and correct issues that may cause injury to employees or customers. For example, if a store owner has knowledge that the floor is wet and slippery, he or she has a duty to warn customers. Likewise a store owner has to take proper steps to ensure that merchandise displays are not a danger (falling merchandise) to the customers shopping in the store. A property owner may also be held liable for injuries resulting from a faulty stair design, inadequate safety railing, improperly used barricades or unsafe sidewalk conditions.

Having an experienced personal injury attorney who understands premises liability may make the difference between fully compensated for injuries that were not your fault and not being compensated at all. The Solomon Law Group evaluates and handles serious injury cases arising from premises liability.

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