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What Are My Options After a Doctor Performs a Surgical Mistake?

Published on May 24, 2018 at 2:22 pm in Medical Malpractice.

You probably trust your health care provider to take excellent care of you when you need medicine or an operation. But in some situations, even medical professionals can act negligently and cause you harm. In this case, you need dependable legal representation at your side.

If you or a loved one has been injured from a surgery, a Columbia medical malpractice lawyer from The Solomon Law Group can help you. Your lawyer will make sure that your case isn’t swept under the rug or ignored. We’ll defend your rights and get you the compensation you need.

Common Surgical Mistakes

Surgeons can make mistakes that cause the patient further injury. They may make a mistake that requires another surgery to correct it, increasing the length of the patient’s time spent recovering.

Common surgical mistakes include:

  • Wrong Site Surgery. This is when a surgeon performs an operation at the wrong location, like having an operation on the right knee when the problem was with the left knee.
  • Retained Surgical Tools. Surgical tools and sponges can be left inside the patient after surgery and cause injury and infection. They need another surgery to remove the objects.
  • Incorrect Surgery. Surgeons can do an operation on the wrong patient.
  • Injury. If a surgeon isn’t careful, they could damage a nerve or a vital organ while performing surgery.

These errors can have serious consequences that could possibly cause permanent damage. This added stress can be detrimental to the recovery process. Some people may worry about missing work even though they’re in no condition to work. But for those depending on their paycheck, they may go back to work and make their injuries worse. Your compensation from your claim should help alleviate financial stress so you can let yourself heal.

How Do Surgical Mistakes Happen?

Unfortunately, negligence and carelessness can lead to surgical mistakes. When the medical care staff aren’t attentive to detail or the surgeon doesn’t follow procedure, the person getting the surgery can get hurt.

These factors lead to surgical mistakes:

  • Rushing. Successful surgeons use a methodical process to make sure nothing goes wrong. Some surgeons may think that they can skip steps or speed through parts of the surgery, which increases their chances of making a mistake.
  • Fatigue. The surgeon may be overworked or nearing the end of a long shift. An exhausted surgeon is more likely to mess up during a surgery.
  • Ill-Prepared. Surgeons need to prepare for situations that could arise during the surgery. Some patients may have increased complications. Surgeons also need everything necessary for the surgery in the operating room, but sometimes all the tools may not be there.

When you’re involved in a medical malpractice case, you want an experienced lawyer at your side who will make sure that your rights are protected. Without a lawyer, you may feel pressure to settle early and possibly get an unfavorable settlement. Your medical malpractice lawyer will fight for your compensation and peace of mind that the people who caused your injury are being held responsible.

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