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Are you disabled and unable to work? Is your condition expected to last for at least 12 months? This situation can be scary because you don’t know what the future holds. But you have options to help you get through this time. A Columbia disability lawyer from our firm can help you get the benefits you need to continue to provide for your family.

How we can help? You may qualify for social security disability benefits. The Social Security Administration administers two federal disability programs: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). We can help you file for disability or fight against a claim that has been denied. Our disability lawyers will make sure you give all the information they need in a timely manner, so your claim has the best chance of approval.

How Do You Qualify for Disability Benefits?

While disability might not be a subject you thought about before, it’s more common than you’d think. 1 in 4 people who are 20 years old today will become disabled before they are age 67.

Disability is determined by the following criteria:

  • You can’t do the work that you did before.
  • It’s decided that your medical conditions prevent you from adjusting to other work.
  • Your medical condition is expected to last at least one year or result in death.

Social Security Disability Insurance provides monthly cash disability payments to those who qualify. Almost everyone that works pays FICA taxes, and if you have paid enough FICA taxes in your past jobs, then you are considered “insured” and may be eligible for SSDI if you have a qualifying disability.

Supplemental Security Income is a disability program that is designed to provide monthly cash payments to those that do not qualify for SSDI, but are still disabled and unable to work.

While these benefits aren’t for partial disability or short-term disability, you can get different kinds of compensation for those situations. If you were injured on the job, for example, you may be able to file for workers’ compensation.

How Do You Apply for Disability Benefits?

The Social Security Administration recommends that you file for disability benefits as soon as you are disabled.

There’s some information you have to provide in your application that shows who you are, what happened, and how you are unable to work. You’ll also need the following information:

  • Social Security Number.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Proof of Age.
  • Information about medical professionals who took care of you and when they saw you. Include names, addresses, and phone numbers for everyone. Make sure you get the person and the place they work for, so as you list doctors and caseworkers, be sure to include the clinics and hospitals, too.
  • Medication Information. List all the medication and the dosages you’re taking.
  • Any medical records from medical professionals and specialists that you saw for your disability.
  • Any laboratory and test results.
  • A summary of your workplace and what you did there.
  • Your most recent W-2 form. If you’re self-employed, then provide a copy of your federal tax return.

Your family can also get benefits. If you’re looking to get benefits for them as well, you have to provide:

  • Family member social security numbers and proof of age for each member.
  • If your spouse is applying for benefits, proof of marriage.

An experienced disability attorney can evaluate your claim, help with your initial application, and help you with your appeal. If your case goes to a judicial hearing, your lawyer will ensure that you are fairly represented and will give you the best chance possible of obtaining a favorable outcome.

Our lawyers have knowledge of the rules that regulate Social Security Disability and SSI. Many valid claims are denied because the evidence is presented in an unorganized manner without consideration to the rules and guidelines that the Social Security Administration uses to understand and approve claims.

If your claim is denied, this doesn’t mean you’re out of options. You can appeal their decision so your application will be looked at again.

Do You Need Legal Aid?

If you are disabled and unable to work, a Columbia disability lawyer can ensure that you win your claim. At Solomon Law Group, we get results because we care. Our law firm has the experience to handle your case effectively.

We have the resources to help you throughout every stage of your case. From assistance with medical care to obtaining medical records, gathering additional necessary evidence, and filing a powerful legal brief prior to the first hearing that we attend with you, we are thorough, consistent, and competent.

It’s important for you to stand up for yourself and get the coverage you need when you’re unable to work. You shouldn’t have to worry about finances when you should be focusing on recovery. Call Solomon Law Group today at (877) 323-3120 and we’ll start discussing your case and what course of action is best to you.

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