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Each year people are injured or killed in vehicle accidents because of automotive defects. In many cases, these accidents happen before any recall notice has been issued. A Columbia, SC auto defect lawyer can help you and your family in this situation and make sure you have the financial help you need to recover from injuries you’ve suffered.

Some types of auto defects that have been seen in the past include seatbelt failures, faulty steering or brake components, weak roof construction, defective tires, and failure to have the fuel system properly cut off the gas supply in a collision. If you suspect the car accident was caused by an automotive defect, it is important to preserve the vehicle so it can be examined by experts who can provide an unbiased analysis of the defective vehicle or parts.

If you are injured because another driver wasn’t acting responsibly, their negligence caused your pain and suffering. Sometimes, there’s an issue with how something in your vehicle was made. A piece of equipment could have been made poorly and still marketed to consumers. In this situation, you’d have a product liability case.

Auto defects apply to car accidents that happened because of a safety issue with a piece of equipment. Car accidents can cause injuries, emotional stress, and you might have a lot of hospital bills. The important thing to understand is that you’re not alone. The Solomon Law Group in South Carolina understands how much you’re dealing with and could help you get the compensation you deserve.

What Are Some Common Auto Defects?

If you get in an accident, you depend on the car’s safety features and structural integrity to reduce the amount of danger. But when your car isn’t built to withstand a crash, or the features don’t act as they should, your life could be jeopardized.

Some of the most common auto defects could also be deadly ones:

  • System Failures. Fuel, seatbelts, and airbags are systems that keep you and the vehicle safe. A fuel system failure can cause the vehicle to catch on fire. Seatbelts could not be tight enough and defective airbags might not deploy or deploy at the wrong time, which both result in a greater chance for injury. Your car might have wiring issues that cause fires or other complications.
  • Structural Failures. When the outside of the car isn’t strong enough, a rollover can crush the roof and cause injuries. Sometimes, the door system on a vehicle can fail. When it’s activated, the doors can open and the person is at risk to fall out of the vehicle. Seats can fail during regular use, which could make you lose control of your vehicle.
  • Faulty Tires. Poorly made tires deteriorate quickly, even when there’s only slight wear on the treads. Your control of the vehicle greatly depends on your tires. If they deteriorate prematurely when you’re not even thinking that you could need new tires, a sudden blowout could lead to an accident.

It’s important to know what problems fall under auto defects and which ones don’t. You should be aware that you can have problems with your car that aren’t considered a safety issue. Examples of these include but are not limited to:

  • Air Conditioning.
  • Oil Consumption.
  • Body Panel Rust.

When Does an Auto Part Need a Recall?

There are two instances where an auto part would need a recall or a car would require a full vehicle recall:

  • The vehicle or piece of vehicle equipment doesn’t meet with a Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard. These standards are in place to help reduce the amount of crashes that occur.
  • The vehicle or a piece of vehicle equipment has a safety defect.

If you’re wondering about your vehicle, you can check the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s online recall resource.

How Do You Prove Your Vehicle Has an Auto Defect?

Proving the auto defect requires you to take a few steps.

  • Get in Touch with a Defective Auto Lawyer. This is a good first step because you’ll work with a defective vehicle lawyer who’s dealt with an auto defect case in the past. They can explain each step of the process and what you need to do to make your claim as strong as possible. Your lawyer could become a point of contact between insurance companies, which would lessen the stress on you. A lawyer could advise you to know touch or fix your vehicle until an expert can inspect it. They’ll be able to assess what happened.
  • Identify the Defect. An expert will find what the defect is in your car. Get the make and model of your car and the piece of defective equipment.
  • Get Evidence of the Damages. Take photographs of the damages and get an official report from the car accident. Damages include how the defect affected the vehicles and everyone involved in the car crash.
  • Show How the Defect Caused the Damages. You have to show how the defect is the cause of the accident. Your lawyer and the assessment can help you do this.

Free Consultation with a Columbia Auto Defect Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been injured or died in a car accident because of a defective car or vehicle part, you can reach out for help. Legal representation can help you take the right steps so you can focus on your recovery without worrying about paying for hospital bills or physical therapy visits.

The Solomon Law Group is ready to defend your case and fight for your rights. We want to help people who have been wrongfully hurt by another party. A compassionate and experienced auto defect lawyer can help your claim. We will address all your concerns and plan out what course of action is in your best interest.

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