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Orangeburg Workers Compensation

Orangeburg workers who are injured on the job site are qualified to receive workers compensation benefits to help cover the costs of lost wages and medical expenses because almost all South Carolina employers are required to carry workers compensation insurance. Although it is inevitable that accidents will happen, under South Carolina law, an employer is still responsible for keeping the work environment safe for all staff members. Our workers compensation lawyer can help you if your injuries were caused by slipping and falling, chemical burns, faulty equipment, lenient safety regulations, or carelessness of fellow workers.

South Carolina Labor Law gives you the ability to protect your rights and receive compensation if you have been hurt on the job. If you have been injured on the job, find out if you are owed compensation by setting up a free consultation today.

One of the reasons that it is important to contact a workers compensation lawyer is that workers compensation insurance companies have very little incentive to act in the employee’s favor. When an injury is proven to have taken place, the insurance provider stands to lose money. The way that the insurance company infers workers compensation laws can be the difference between a denied claim and an injured employee being granted what they truly deserve. This means that you may not receive all of the money that you legally deserve.

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