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How Long Should I Take Off Work After a Car Crash?

Car accidents happen every day and many people experience them. In 2012, more than 2.5 million Americans went to the emergency room and about 200,000 were hospitalized for car crash injuries.

After a car accident, you’re probably wondering how long you should let yourself recover. You might even think you’re ready to go in the next day, but you shouldn’t. Car crashes can make your adrenaline spike so you don’t feel any symptoms of injuries.

It’s imperative for you to see a doctor after your crash. They’ll determine if you have any injuries and what treatment they require. If you don’t, your injuries could get worse and leave you with lifelong injuries. While your recovery might make you miss work and have visits to the hospital, you can seek compensation that will cover those expenses. With the help of the car accident injury lawyers at the Solomon Law Group, you’ll be able to take the time you need to get better.

Can I Go Back to Work After a Car Crash?

It’s not a good idea to immediately go back to work after a car crash. Many people have some common misconceptions about returning to work. They think that returning to work will:

  • Automatically mean they’re okay.
  • End their lawsuit and unqualify them from benefits.

While returning to work won’t do either of these things, it might hurt your recovery. Never go against the doctor’s orders and pay attention to how you feel.

Most people, after they’ve taken some time to heal, feel better after they get back to work because the distraction can reduce pain. However, for people with labor-intensive jobs, it’s often better for everyone’s safety for you to wait until you’re fully recovered.

Why Do People Return to Work Too Early?

It might seem odd that people go back to work so soon after a car crash when they know they need time off to get better. But there are two other factors that influence this decision.

  • Covering medical and automobile expenses without a paycheck can start to take a financial toll. People could go back too early because of their financial situation.
  • Other People. Many people worry about what their coworkers will think of them. They don’t want their coworkers to think they’re lazy or taking advantage of the situation. This usually sends people back to the office too early, which ends up leading to further complications.

Do I Need a Columbia Car Accident Lawyer?

Have you or a loved one been injured in a car crash in South Carolina? If you’re trying to let your injuries heal but keep worrying about expenses and getting back to work, know that you’re not alone. The Solomon Law Group can help you.

Our experienced, understanding, and skilled lawyers will do all we can so you get the compensation and benefits you need. You should be allowed to focus on your wellbeing so you can return to your everyday life as soon as possible.

Don’t wait another day. Call us now at 803-219-8870 and we’ll talk about your case and options.

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