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Columbia, SC Drug Injury Lawyers

Columbia, SC Drug Injury Lawyers

At some point in our lives most of us must take prescription medicine. We trust our doctors to prescribe safe medication to treat our symptoms. We trust our pharmacists to properly dispense our medication based on the doctor’s order. We rely on drug manufacturers to safely produce the drugs and test them before they are made available to the general public. And we expect that when the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approves a drug, it is safe.

Unfortunately, that is not always the case. When this does happen, the unsuspecting patient can pay for a mistake or shortcut with his or her life or suffer such serious consequences that their lives are permanently and tragically altered. When this happens, you need the help of a Columbia, SC dangerous drug lawyer.

Carl L. Solomon of the Solomon Law Group is an active member of, and affiliated with, state and national attorney groups that monitor medical pharmaceutical activity and handle lawsuits on behalf of those who have been injured by dangerous drugs. Solomon Law Group serves the innocent consumer and fights for justice on behalf of South Carolina residents who have been harmed by dangerous drugs or have suffered due to their effects.

How Many Drugs Are Considered Dangerous?

Below is a partial list of the current drugs which carry warnings that the drug may cause injury or death:

Accutane Lamisil Rezulin
Ativan Lotronex Risperdal
Avandia Lipitor Serevent
Baycol Meridia Seroquel
Bextra Naproxen Serzone
Celebrex Neurontin Thimerosal
Cold-Eeze OxyContin Viga
Darvocet Paxil Vioxx
Darvon PPA Zicam
Ephedra Propulsid Zoloft
Fen-Phen Protopic Zyprexa
Lariam Redux

How Do Dangerous Drugs Affect You?

When you take dangerous drugs, you might not think about how it might interact with other things you take. The FDA lists the kinds of ways these interactions can occur.

  • Drug-Drug Interactions. If you’re taking other medications, the dangerous drug could interact with it and produce new side effects. The FDA gives the example of a sedative and allergy medication that when taken together will make you drowsy and slow down your reactions which could affect your driving.
  • Drug-Food/Drink Interactions. Drugs mixed with certain foods or beverages could have reactions. Mixing drugs and alcohol could make you lethargic.
  • Drug-Condition Interactions. If you’re taking medication for other medical conditions, those drugs could interact in potentially harmful ways.

Prescription drugs can also interact with over-the-counter medicines. Your over-the-counter medication will have all the details you need included in the packaging. You can see the ingredients and their purposes, what you should use the drug for, warnings that give you extra safety information about the drug, directions, additional information, and inactive ingredients.

What Should You Ask Your Doctor?

If you’re going to start taking a new medication, ask your doctor any questions you have about the drug.

  • Can you take this medicine with other drugs?
  • Are there any foods, drinks, or products you shouldn’t have with this drug?
  • Are there any recognizable signs of drug interaction?
  • How does this drug work and how will it affect you?
  • Are there any other sources for more information about the drug?
  • What is the safest way to take this drug?

Never take a drug if you’re unsure of the directions or before talking about it with your doctor.

What is Product Liability?

Sometimes, products aren’t properly tested or don’t include all the side effects they cause. When the defective or dangerous product harms people, they have the right to seek legal action and file for product liability. This claim covers issues with the product design, how the product was made, or if it wasn’t marketed correctly. When you file a product liability claim, you’re holding the people who made the drug liable for their injuries because if those people had been more careful, your injuries wouldn’t have occurred.

Other parties that can be held liable:

  • The manufacturer of the product or parts of the product.
  • The party who puts the product together.
  • The party who sells the product.
  • The store that sold the product to consumers.

Do You Need a Columbia, SC Dangerous Drug Lawyer?

If you or a loved one has been hurt because of a dangerous drug, you might have grounds to file for product liability. A defective product like a dangerous drug can lead to more health complications, which could make you miss work and require visits to the hospital or expensive treatment. You shouldn’t be held accountable for taking a drug that you were told was safe. Calling a Columbia dangerous drug lawyer will get you on the right track so you can recover.

Call the Solomon Law Group today at 803-219-8870. You’ll speak with experienced and compassionate lawyers who understand the difficult time you’re going through. We want to help you get compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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