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2018’s Top Defective Vehicles

Millions of automotive recalls are issued every year. As a responsible driver, it’s important to check for recalls involving your vehicle. The majority of the time, if a recall is issued you can take your vehicle to an approved shop and have the defect fixed at no charge to you.

Many car defects have to do with engine or steering problems, acceleration issues, faulty airbags, wiring issues, and mileage and gas usage. While some defects may seem like an annoyance or inconvenience, other defects can have deadly consequences.

The following list highlights the most significant recalls for 2018:

  • The Takata airbag recall is the largest in history. More than 37 million vehicles in the United States have been issued recalls as a result of defective inflators. When working correctly, inflators are the small explosive devices designed to set off air bags in the event of a collision; however, the defective inflators have the potential to break down in hot or humid climates – which means they may not set off the airbags when needed.
  • Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has issued a recall for nearly 5 million 2014 to 2019 model year Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, and Ram models with cruise control systems that may not turn off. The fault was discovered during internal testing. The issue may occur if the vehicle’s cruise control system begins to accelerate automatically in conjunction with a short-circuit.
  • Ford Motor Company has recalled more than 1.3 million Ford Fusions and Lincoln MKZs. This recall was issued over a faulty bolt in the steering column that could potentially cause the steering wheel to become loose.
  • More than 1.1 million 2015 to 2017 Ram pickup trucks were issued recalls as a result of a faulty tailgate locking system. The issue can cause the tailgate to open unexpectedly while the vehicles are being driven.
  • Ford Motor Company announced the recall of 550,000 Fusion sedans and Escape crossovers built between 2012 and 2015 because of a faulty shift cable that could fail to park the car.
  • Kia has issued on recall on more than half a million 2012 to 2013 model year vehicles because of a faulty control unit that could prevent the airbags from deploying in the event of a collision.
  • Audi has recalled more than 350,000 cars and crossover SUVs because of the risk of the electric coolant pumps overheating. The overheating presents a fire risk. Audi had the same vehicles recalled the previous year and said a software update would solve the problem; however, this was not the case.
  • Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has recalled over 270,000 Dodge and Ram 1500 pickup trucks. The metal straps used to attach the fuel tanks to the vehicles are at risk for corrosion in the wintertime because of the salt used on roads to break up ice and snow.
  • Toyota Motor North America issued a recall for certain Lexus models. Nearly 115,000 vehicles are subject to recall because of a potential fuel leak. According to Lexus, the diaphragm material in the engine may harden over time and crack, causing the fuel to leak.
  • 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport crossovers are being recalled over a defect that could cause the steering wheel to detach from the steering column. Nearly 44,000 vehicles in the United States are affected.

While the recalls above are related to the top defective vehicles of 2018, many other recalls were issued over the course of the year. To determine if a recall has been issued for your vehicle, visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

In the event you are in an accident that resulted from a defective car part, you may be able to hold the manufacturer responsible for their negligence. Our Columbia, SC auto defect lawyers are prepared to fight for your rights. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your case.

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