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Columbia Negligent Security Lawyers

Columbia Negligent Security Lawyers

When you’re on a premises, the property owner is supposed to take measures to keep you and others in the area safe. While this can include taking care of safety hazards, it also includes providing security. Without security or taking proper security measures, those on the property could get hurt or have property stolen. The property owner may be held accountable for the injuries and losses. If you or a loved one has suffered because of lack of security, a Columbia negligent security lawyer from Solomon Law Group, LLC can help you seek justice.

What Is Negligent Security?

Negligent security is a form of premises liability. If you were harmed because of negligent security, our lawyers will stand by your side and fight for your rights. As we’re analyzing your case, we’ll look into the security measures for the building and where the negligence occurred. We’ll gather the evidence to help support your claim. The following forms of negligence could be the reason why your incident happened:

  • Inadequate Lighting. An area needs to have proper lighting so people can see where they’re going and their surroundings. If an area has inadequate lighting, someone could take advantage of this and try to rob or attack someone.
  • Poor Locking Mechanisms. The doors, gates, and fences around the property should have proper locking mechanisms. If they’re broken or don’t work, this could result in someone getting hurt.
  • Broken Alarm Systems. While a premises could have an alarm system, it may not be updated or work. If it’s broken, the owner should be aware of this and take measures to fix it. There could be fake cameras or items up for show so it looks like there’s a system, but there isn’t anything in place to protect those on the property.

Some of these items could be defective. A property owner may have neglected to check that the systems were working or it could have malfunctioned. No matter the case, we’ll find the responsible party and hold them accountable for your injuries and losses.

While these examples are around objects, it’s also possible that a person could be responsible for what happened to you. If the premises has a security guard, it’s possible that they acted negligently. They may not have been paying attention to security cameras or didn’t properly check the areas they’re responsible for.

With security measures in place, criminal activity could be deterred or it could be easier to catch the person who did it. While the property owner didn’t attack the victim, they didn’t take the necessary measures to prevent the crime from happening. That’s why a Columbia negligent security lawyer will stand up for you.

What Places Can Become Dangerous with Negligent Security?

You may wonder if the incident that happened to you is a case of negligent security. These types of incidents can happen at a number of places like:

  • Individual Businesses
  • Apartments
  • Parks
  • Malls
  • Hotels
  • Parking Lots

If you were harmed in an area like the ones listed above, our lawyers are here to help. We’ll find out how the property lacked the security to provide safety to those on it. As we break down what happened, we’ll assess:

  • The security measures on the property or lack thereof.
  • If the security measures were being used and if they were working properly.
  • If there is surveillance that captured what happened.
  • How the person who harmed you was able to access the property.

We’ll also look into the history of the property. It’s possible that they’ve had issues with security in the past. If they have a history of negligence, this could help your case.

What Are the Risks of Negligent Security?

Negligent security can put those on the property in danger of the following:

  • Theft
  • Violence
  • Sexual Assault

When these altercations occur, they can be extremely traumatic and also can result in injuries. These can range from minor injuries to severe. In some incidents, there could be a weapon involved that causes potentially fatal injuries.

As you’re handling your recovery, coming to terms with the incident, and trying to get back to normal, a legal matter may feel like too much to add to your list of responsibilities. While the legal process can be complex, seeking damages can provide you with the financial security you need to move forward.

The Benefits of Having a Columbia Negligent Security Lawyer

Our lawyers have years of experience in fighting for clients who have been harmed because of negligence. We’ll handle the legal side of things so you’re able to work on your recovery. When we’re fighting for you, we’ll seek full and fair compensation for what you’ve been through. This includes the following:

  • Medical Bills. The injuries you sustained may require hospitalization, medication, or other forms of treatment. You could also need to continue your care. The costs of your past and future medical bills can be overwhelming, but your negligent security lawyer will fight for you to recover these financial losses so you can get the care you deserve.
  • Lost Wages. You will likely need time away from work so your injuries can heal. While you may want to get back to work as quickly as possible, this can cause further damage to your injuries. We’ll fight for your compensation to include the wages for the days of work you missed.
  • Diminished Earning Capacity. If your injuries will permanently affect you, it’s possible that you may not be able to return to your job. If you have to take on a different job that’s less pay than what you earned before, then we’ll help you seek compensation for diminished earning capacity.
  • Property Damage. If your property was damaged, we’ll also include this in your compensation.
  • Mental Anguish/Emotional Distress. The emotional toll of what you went through may not have a monetary bill attached to it, but you still suffered because of someone else’s negligence. This will also be included in your compensation. If you’re suffering from PTSD or another psychological issue that requires professional care, we’ll do everything possible to make sure your compensation covers the costs of that care.
  • Pain and Suffering. The pain and suffering of sustaining and living with your injuries is a factor your attorneys will keep in mind when determining your compensation.

You can rest assured that our lawyers will always fight for your rights and best interests. If you suffered because of a property owner who had negligent security in Columbia or the state of South Carolina, we’ll fight for you receive the compensation you deserve.

Solomon Law Group, LLC Can Fight for You

The consequences of a careless property owner who doesn’t protect their premises can affect innocent people. The injuries and losses that you sustained shouldn’t have happened in the first place. The costs of the incident shouldn’t fall on your shoulders, either. Solomon Law Group, LLC is ready to help you recover and get back on track.

To get started on your case, contact our office today for a free case evaluation. You’ll meet with one of our compassionate and experienced attorneys who will go over the facts of your case and discuss how you can proceed. We’ll be at your side every step of the way to get justice on your behalf.

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