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5 Uncommon Road Signs You May See in South Carolina

Everyone is used to certain road signs like stop signs and speed limit signs, but there are many different kinds of signs on the road– some more uncommon than others. Some drivers may not know what every sign means and may not be able to interpret what a sign is indicating quickly enough to avoid an accident. If drivers are on the road but they don’t have all the information they need to quickly make a judgement call, they cannot operate a vehicle at their safest.

Uncommon Road Signs Everyone Should Know

It’s likely that new drivers or those who are about to become new drivers are the ones who may not have concrete knowledge of what the different road signs mean. New drivers are already more susceptible to getting into accidents because of their inexperience. They’re not used to driving on the highway or sharing the road with other drivers, let alone motorcyclists or cyclists. There’s also more of a risk when they’re driving at night or with other people in the car to distract them.

Inexperience can be fixed with time and they’ll get used to driving and how to get from point A to point B safely. However, if they don’t know what a traffic sign means, that’s not something they will learn to understand over time. They need to learn the fact and memorize it. Perhaps with more knowledge, they will be able to navigate the roads safely.

As you’re preparing to be a well-informed driver, you need to know the different kinds of signs on the road. We’ve compiled a short list of some uncommon signs that you could see while driving in South Carolina. While they’re paired with a title that explains what the signs mean, when you see the image on the road, you may not know what it’s called at first. Matching the image to the title will be a quick reminder as to what the sign is supposed to convey. All these signs could show up in South Carolina and drivers are expected to know what they mean.

Tractor and Heavy Equipment Crossing

When you see this sign, it means that there’s a potential that farm vehicles could enter the road. This includes tractors and other heavy farm equipment. If you see this sign, you should keep an eye out if there is any farm equipment on the sides of the road. Drivers are usually focused on what’s directly ahead of them and behind them, and possibly get a bit hypnotized. It’s important to glance around every once and a while and keep the sides of the road in your focus as well. You may also want to slow down, just in case the person operating the farm equipment doesn’t see you.

Red Light Photo Enforced

This sign means that police cameras enforce these traffic signals. A cop doesn’t have to be present for you to get penalized for driving dangerously. If a driver runs a red light, their photo will be taken and they will get a ticket.

Road Workers Are in or Near the Roadway

While this sign may seem obvious to you, it’s important to slow down when you see this sign. You don’t know what the conditions of the road will be when you’re in the area where the workers are at. Driving slowly will give you more time to spot road workers and drive safely around them.

Narrow Bridge Ahead

A narrow bridge sign indicates that the shoulders under the bridge either aren’t there or are more narrow than the road you’re driving on. Speeding through could put you at risk of getting in an accident. It’s important to slow down and look for other cars traveling under the bridge at the same time as you, because it may take some maneuvering.

Low Clearance Ahead

This means you’re approaching either a bridge or an overpass that has a low clearance. Those driving trucks or cars that sit higher may want to proceed with caution.

While you may take the time to learn more about road signs to increase your safety, that doesn’t mean that every other driver will. Reckless drivers are the reason for accidents every day. When their carelessness causes injury to you, they should be held accountable. That’s why we’re here. In the event that a negligent driver hurt you, get in touch with us today for a free consultation.

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