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By: Solomon Law Group, LLC

A Workers Compensation Lawyer In Columbia Can Help Capture Lost Wages

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Workers compensation is an agreement between an employer and their employees. Essentially, the deal is that workers will be compensated for at-work injuries, even if the injury or accident was not directly the fault of the employer. When employers have workers compensation insurance, they protect themselves from lawsuits by having insurance that will supplement lost wages and medical bills for injured or sick employees.

In theory, workers compensation should supplement lost wages and medical expenses while a person recovers from a work-related injury or illness. However, this is not always the case and employers are not protected from all possible lawsuits. An employee may sue an employer if the employer’s wanton and/or negligent behavior was the cause of the injury, or if the employer does not carry workers compensation insurance.

You also need the legal assistance of a workers compensation lawyer if your employer is not holding up their end of the deal. If you find that your employer is not adhering to workers compensation by not taking the proper action or deliberately impeding the process of you being compensated for medical expenses such as doctor visits, prescriptions and physical therapy, then you need a workers compensation lawyer who can approach the situation with knowhow and confidence.

If you have lost wages or are not being compensated by your employer after an injury or work-related illness, contact the workers compensation lawyers at Solomon Law Group in Columbia.