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How Can We Improve Motorcycle Safety in South Carolina?

A single devastating motorcycle accident can negatively impact the lives of many people. With hundreds of motorcycle crash fatalities occurring each year in South Carolina, it begs the question what can be done to improve motorcycle safety and save lives.

The Dangers of Riding a Motorcycle

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, motorcycle accident deaths in South Carolina account for 7.7 percent of all traffic fatalities each year. The majority of these accidents involved another vehicle.

Many motorcyclists are responsible, safe riders. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always matter when negligent drivers are on the road. Motorcycle accidents can occur when other drivers speed, shift lanes without checking their blind spots, or drive under the influence.

Motorcyclists can also claim some of the responsibility for wrecks. South Carolina reported having issues with unlicensed, untrained, and intoxicated riders. Also, 75 percent of unhelmeted motorcycle accidents result in fatalities. Helmets are required for individuals under 21 and encouraged for anyone older.

Inclement weather is also a hazard to motorcyclists because they may have less control on an icy or wet surface than a vehicle with four wheels.

Improving Motorcycle Safety

To combat these hazardous issues, South Carolina, along with a handful of other states, is participating in a motorcycle safety advisory committee. This committee has a specific goal to reduce the occurrences of poorly trained and untrained riders by promoting and frequently offering motorcycle rider training classes. These courses explain the different types of motorcycles, all motorcycle controls, how to operate and ride motorcycles, and safety tips.

To optimize their safety, there are steps motorcyclists can take. Once a person has decided to buy and ride a motorcycle, they should make sure they are properly insured and obtain the correct license. They should go through all required training courses and fully understand how their vehicle works before ever attempting to ride. And most of all, motorcyclists should always, always choose to wear a helmet and other protective gear.

Drivers in cars, trucks, and other vehicles can also take a stand to improve motorcycle safety. By increasing their awareness of motorcycles and reducing and avoiding distractions, sideswipe and blind spot accidents have the potential to be reduced. Drivers should also remember to respectfully share the road with all other drivers and riders.

By improving motorcycle safety in South Carolina, we can prevent the hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries that occur each year in unnecessary accidents. If, however, you or a loved one were the unfortunate victim of a motorcycle wreck, contact our Columbia, SC motorcycle accident lawyers to seek the justice you deserve.

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