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How to File a Personal Injury Claim Against a Business

When you’re filing a personal injury claim against a business, it’s essential to have an experienced representation on your side. A Columbia personal injury lawyer from Solomon Law Group will help you get the compensation you deserve. We’ll carefully examine your case to find out how you were injured, what your injuries have cost you, and who was responsible for them.

We’ll find the unique circumstances of your case and how the business exhibited negligence that caused you harm. Let’s start with the reasons why you may be bringing a claim against a business forward.

What Kinds of Personal Injury Claims Could Apply to a Business?

If you’ve been injured because of a negligent business, there are a couple of different ways this could have occurred. The business premises could have had hazards or dangers that led to an accident that injured you.

Premises Liability

If there was negligence from the business about not warning others about the hazard or taking care of it in a timely manner, you may be able to file a premises liability claim. Examples of hazards include poor lighting, slippery surfaces, spills, uneven flooring, and debris or clutter in common walkways.

When someone encounters the above hazards, they could suffer a slip and fall injury. These injuries can take weeks or months to heal or even cause temporary or permanent disability. Your lawyer will go over the injuries you sustained from the type of hazard and start fighting for you.

Product Liability

If you were harmed because of a business but you weren’t harmed because of a safety hazard on the premises, it may be because a business’ dangerous product harmed you. This could range from appliances, medication, toys, or everyday household items. If there was negligence in how the product was made or sold, you may be able to file a product liability claim.

Our lawyers will investigate to find out how the product was hazardous. Each product could have a design flaw, or it could have been made with flimsy or dangerous materials that could lead to an issue after repeated use. If the packing had incorrect or misleading information, the user could misuse the product. We’ll establish where the negligence occurred and how it led to your accident and resulting injuries.

The Process of Filing a Personal Injury Claim Against a Business

After you’ve taken care of your health and have seen a doctor for a medical evaluation, it’s time to turn to the legal process. Your first step is getting in touch with a Columbia personal injury attorney. If we decide to take your case and you decide to proceed, then we can start fighting for you.

Our lawyers will inform the necessary parties that you intend to file. This includes the negligent party and it may also include their insurance company.

We’ll then look into the total costs of the accident. After we’ve assessed your economic and noneconomic damages, we’ll be able to determine the amount of compensation you’re owed. The evidence we’ve gathered to assess your total damages will include medical records, evidence of appointments with your doctor, necessary treatment plans, time missed from work, photographs of the scene where the accident happened or of the dangerous product, and evidence of damage to your property as well.

While filing a personal injury claim can be an intimidating process, our lawyers will be at your side every step of the way. We’ll make sure everything is filed correctly and on time.

At this stage, it’s common for the other side to try to reach a settlement. They may not offer you the full compensation amount that you’re asking for—it may even be much less than you deserve. Our lawyers will help negotiate this process so you have favorable results.

If an agreement cannot be reached, Solomon Law Group is prepared to fight your claim in court. You’ll have the chance to tell your side of the story and to receive fair compensation for your injuries and damages.

Get in Touch with Solomon Law Group Today

Sustaining injuries and losses from an accident that wasn’t your fault can be an overwhelming experience. When you’re looking at how to proceed to get compensation, the process can be difficult and confusing when you’re on your own. That’s where our lawyers step in.

We will fight for your rights no matter what. If you believe a business was at fault for your accident, then you should contact our office. We can help you.

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