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Ignoring the Rules of the Road Leads to Careless Driving

Columbia Car Crash Attorneys Represent Motorists Injured By Drivers Ignoring the Rules of the Road

Safe driving begins with knowing and practicing the rules of the road. Every driver’s license applicant must prove he or she knows the relevant rules and regulations that apply to drivers before the state issues a driver’s license. All too often, drivers forget or ignore the rules of the road. Those rules are in place so drivers understand their responsibilities to ensure safe travel. The rules of the road are designed to create predictable traffic patterns that motorists can rely on to operate a vehicle in a safe manner. Drivers who ignore those rules make driving dangerous for everyone. If you or someone you love has been injured by a driver ignoring the rules of the road call The Solomon Law Group today. The dedicated attorneys at The Solomon Law Group will begin working on your case immediately and will fight to obtain compensation for your injuries.

To ignore the rules of the road is to ignore the safety of everyone. In South Carolina, a driver has a duty to his or her passengers, fellow motorists and pedestrians alike to drive safely. The rules of the road are essentially the standard every driver must follow. Driving a car below that minimum standard is negligent. Unfortunately, drivers routinely violate those rules. Speeding, failing to follow signs, failing to yield the right of way, following too closely or tailgating, failing to signal when turning and texting while driving or otherwise driving while distracted are all examples of violating the rules of the road. Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs at a minimum is driving negligently, maybe even recklessly.

There are other driving rules that drivers ignore frequently, visiting danger upon unsuspecting motorists and pedestrians. For instance, failing to stop for a school bus endangers the school bus driver, the school bus passengers, and especially the students entering or exiting the school bus. Furthermore, failing to stop at railroad crossings endangers the driver and passengers in the vehicle that does not stop and also endangers the train operator, crew and passengers. Other dangerous driving practices include ignoring road markings, lane designations, passing in a no passing zone, driving too fast for the road and weather conditions, failing to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks and driving with defective equipment.

Encountering emergency vehicles and traveling through work zones require the driver to exercise particularized caution. Every driver must yield to on-coming emergency vehicles. Failing to do so creates a very dangerous situation for the emergency responders and the other motorists on the road who are considerate enough to yield. Drivers approaching work zones must slow down and drive cautiously. Fines are high for failing to slow down in work zones. The reasoning is simple enough: workers are at the driver’s mercy. They have no place to go if a car goes speeding through the work zone and loses control. The work zone rule is designed to protect those people working hard to improve your roads.

Dedicated Personal Injury Lawyers Will Bring Careless Drivers to Justice

If you were injured by a negligent or reckless driver, you need an attorney who knows how to aggressively fight for your rights. At The Solomon Law Group, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the compassionate and dedicated representation they deserve. Call us today at 803-219-8870 to schedule a free consultation. The experienced lawyers at The Solomon Law Group will advise you of your rights and begin working on your claim to compensate you for the pain and suffering a negligent driver caused you.

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