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Columbia School Bus Accident Lawyers

Columbia School Bus Accidents

Many families depend on school buses for children to get to school and come home safely. It’s rarely expected that the safety of the children could be put in danger. However, if the bus driver is negligent or if a driver disobeys traffic laws, an accident could occur. If your child was harmed in a bus collision, a Columbia school bus accident lawyer could help you get justice. The Solomon Law Group is here to guide you through the legal process and fight for you and your child.

What Causes School Bus Accidents?

When a school bus accident lawyer is representing you, we’ll need to find out the reason why the accident happened. This can help prove who was negligent. Let’s look into some of the common reasons why school bus collisions happen.

  • School Bus Driver Error. If the school bus driver is distracted, not paying attention to the road, or is engaging in dangerous driving behavior like speeding, then they could cause a collision.
  • School Bus Driver Inexperience. It’s possible that the school bus driver doesn’t have the experience necessary to safely operate the vehicle. They could make a mistake because of this. They could misjudge how long it takes to make a turn, how close they are to another vehicle, or not allow enough time to speed up or slow down.
  • Motorist Negligence. Sometimes, the bus driver isn’t the one at fault. If another motorist is on the road, they could make driving mistakes or drive dangerously and cause an accident. They may even disobey school bus laws, like trying to pass a school bus while it’s stopped or tailgate the bus.

Our lawyers have experience dealing with all types of crashes. As we investigate the evidence of the bus crash, we’ll determine how the accident occurred and who caused it. Then, your school bus accident lawyer will look into the resulting injuries and losses to see how it affected your child.

What Kinds of Injuries Can Occur on School Buses?

While school bus collisions are rare, they can still result in serious injuries. School buses are built to stand out on the road, so other drivers see them. They have the bright a yellow color and a red stop sign that swings out when kids are getting on and get the bus. But if someone isn’t paying attention, they can still cause a collision.

School buses don’t have seat belts because, in case of an emergency, the bus driver wouldn’t be able to assist each kid with unbuckling on time. So, the school bus design is compact and the seat backs absorb energy. This is meant to help reduce injuries in a collision, but it may not always prevent all injuries. The following injuries can occur:

  • Bruises or Other Soft Tissue Injuries. Hitting parts of the bus or other students could result in bruising or other soft tissue injuries like sprains and strains.
  • Whiplash. If the bus is hit and the impact forces a rider’s neck to move forward and backward in a rapid motion, they could suffer from whiplash injuries.
  • Broken Bones. In some crashes, the impact can result in a broken bone.
  • Lacerations. Severe cuts can occur from broken glass or other debris from the accident.

In more serious accidents, the bus may roll over, or there could be a fire. This can make the injuries more severe:

  • Brain Injuries. Since there isn’t a seat belt to keep the students in place, they could hit their heads against the window or the roof of the bus. This can result in a brain injury.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries. A crash could cause trauma to the spinal cord, which can affect the control and function of the body below the injury site.
  • Burn Injuries. If the bus catches on fire, those on board could be at risk of sustaining burn injuries.
  • Internal Bleeding. Severe crashes may also damage internal organs and cause bleeding.

After an accident, your child may need emergency medical treatment. We understand how terrifying this time can be. While you’re helping your child get the treatment they need, affording the care can become an issue itself. That’s our lawyers can help you.

An Experienced Columbia School Bus Lawyer Can Help You

When you have representation on your side, you can depend on us to take care of your case. We’ll gather the evidence necessary to prove that someone acted negligently, their negligence caused the accident, and your child was injured in that accident.

We’ll hold the negligent party responsible for their actions and fight for you to recover full and fair compensation for your child’s injuries and losses. The costs of medical care and continued care can be expensive. We’ll consult medical records to see what your child needed before and what they’ll needs in the future. When the medical bills start coming in, you won’t have to worry about how you’re going to cover them while also dealing with your other financial responsibilities.

Your child may also be experiencing pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life. Living with injuries, going through the recovery process, and the trauma of the accident may not have a monetary value, but are significant effects of the accident. We’ll seek compensation for the noneconomic losses of the accident as well.

Seek Legal Representation Today

If you or your child was hurt in a school bus accident, you could seek justice to recover injuries and damages. It’s important to have experienced representation on your side who will stand up for your rights. Solomon Law Group will be at your side every step of the way. We’ll make sure your claim is filed properly and on time.

The first step is to reach out to our office today so we can schedule an obligation-free consultation. You’ll meet with one of our lawyers to go over your case. We’ll hear your side of the story and figure out your options that you have. If you have grounds for a claim and decide to work with us, then we can start seeking justice for you.

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