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Seven Oaks Personal Injury Lawyers

An accident can take only moments to happen, but the consequences can change the rest of your life. When you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to treat your injuries and how long your recovery will take, you may also file for compensation because a person’s negligence is the cause of the accident. To ensure you protect your rights and you give yourself the best chance of receiving full and fair compensation, you should have the help of Seven Oaks personal injury lawyers from The Solomon Law Group on your side.

The Solomon Law Group has experienced lawyers who are ready to help those who have been injured. We understand how quickly everything can change when someone acts negligently. We’re here to hold those people accountable and help you financially recover.

What Will Your Lawyer Prove in Your Personal Injury Claim?

When you have a personal injury attorney on your side, they’ll look into how your accident happened, how you were hurt, and the losses you’ve incurred. To fight for you to get compensation, we’ll need to prove the following points:

  • The other party acted negligently.
  • Their negligence caused the accident.
  • You suffered injuries in the accident.
  • These injuries have caused monetary and emotional losses.

To prove negligence, our lawyers will consult police reports, accident reports, and eyewitness accounts. If necessary, we can turn to experts like accident reconstructionists to find out what happened. Then, we can look into medical evaluations, treatment plans, and the bills for your treatment to find out what this has cost you.

We’ll also see how this is affecting your ability to work. You may need to take time off work for a considerable time while you heal. The days of paid work that you miss can cause considerable stress, but our attorneys are here to stand up for you to recover those lost wages.

Your injuries have likely caused non-monetary losses as well. The emotional toll of an injury can prevent you from participating in activities you used to enjoy—you may have to adjust your lifestyle because of the injury. This can cause emotional distress, as well as the pain and suffering you’ve endured from being hurt.

These types of injuries cannot be ignored. Our Seven Oaks personal injury lawyers will make sure these noneconomic damages are considered when determining your compensation amount.

We Represent Many Areas of Personal Injury

The attorneys at The Solomon Law Group have expertise in all types of personal injury matters. Let’s take a look at some of the most common areas of personal injury.

Car Accidents

These can happen when a driver looks away from the road and hits the car in front of them, or a driver can lose control of their vehicle and veer off the road. Aggressive drivers that follow too closely or purposely cut off other drivers can easily cause collisions. No matter what the cause of the wreck, a Seven Oaks car accident lawyer can help you get the justice you deserve.

Truck Accidents

A big rig can cause devastating injuries. When you’re seeking compensation, you may have pushback from the trucking company’s legal team. While this can be intimidating, you have support from The Solomon Law Group. A Seven Oaks truck accident lawyer will help you stand up to the trucking company so your compensation reflects the injuries and damages you’ve suffered.

Nursing Home Abuse

A Seven Oaks nursing home abuse lawyer will stand up for your loved one when they’ve been harmed in their nursing home. There are many ways this could have occurred, whether it’s through abuse or neglect. An abusive nursing home can impact your loved one’s health. Physical violence causes injuries and a fearful environment. An understaffed nursing home could mean your loved one’s quality of care is poor. No matter the reason, we’ll be here for you and your loved one.

Wrongful Death

In the tragic event an accident results in someone losing their life, the family does have legal options to hold the responsible party accountable. We understand this can be an emotionally challenging process. While you’re grieving for your loved one and spending time with your family, a Seven Oaks wrongful death lawyer can take care of the legal matters.

Why Is It Important to Have a Personal Injury Attorney on Your Side?

Having legal representation will ensure that your compensation is fair and to prevent anything from jeopardizing your chances of receiving it. Your claim needs to be filed on time and in the correct place. If there’s a technical error, it could negatively impact it. You don’t need to worry about this when you have experienced representation.

Our Seven Oaks personal injury lawyers are also familiar with dealing with insurance companies. If they offer you a settlement, there’s a chance it may not be the full compensation you deserve. The insurance company is looking to settle the matter and protect its bottom line. Unfortunately, this means they’re not looking out for your best interests.

The Solomon Law Group will protect your best interests. We’ll work diligently to advocate for your rights so you’re not left with an unfavorable settlement. If an agreement cannot be reached, your case may need to proceed to court. We’re prepared to represent you and to present your side of the story to a jury.  

We Represent the People of Seven Oaks

The people of Seven Oaks are hardworking, generous, and make the community an ideal place to live. With plenty of parks and trails, delicious restaurants, and local shops, Seven Oaks is inviting and charming.

The Solomon Law Group is proud to represent the citizens of Seven Oaks because they deserve to know there are people who will protect their rights. If an accident occurs, we’re here to go over options and find a way to move forward.

The Solomon Law Group Will Fight for You

When you’re seeking representation from a lawyer, it’s important to contact them as soon as possible. The more time passes from the date of the accident, the more physical evidence can fade, and there’s a set time in which you can file.

Most personal injury cases have a statute of limitations. For example, actions against a negligent medical professional have a statute of limitations of three years. You need to come forward within the timeframe, or else you may not be eligible for compensation. Your lawyer will know the laws that apply to your case and the amount of time you have to file. You can start your road to recovery and give yourself a better chance of having a strong claim.

Call The Solomon Law Group today to start your legal journey. We’ll discuss what happened to you, how you were hurt, and how to move forward. Our attorneys will answer any questions that you have. We’re ready to help you get the security you need so you can recover and get back on your feet.

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