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How Do South Carolina Drivers Rank in Comparison to Drivers Nationwide?

Everyone knows that city driving can often be stressful. You’re trying to account for the traffic while you have to watch for weaving cars, cyclists, and pedestrians. If you’re a resident of a city, you may claim that you live in the city with the worst drivers. And with worst drivers comes the consequences: Car accidents.

If you’ve been in a car accident, you can seek help. A Columbia, SC car accident injury lawyer from The Solomon Law Group will help you with your car accident claim. We’ll do everything to get you the compensation you need.

Does Columbia, South Carolina Have Safe Drivers?

If you’re curious about how your city stacks up against others in the United States, you can find out now. A study researched the country’s 75 most populous metro city areas to determine the quality of drivers.

The parameters for deciding the rank used four main statistics: Accidents, speeding tickets issues, amounts of DUIs, and citations. The last category could be for any reason a citation would need to be written – running red lights, not using a turning signal, and distracted driving such as speaking on a cell phone.

Luckily for the citizens of Columbia, South Carolina, this city isn’t in the top 10 of worst places to drive, not even the top 20. Most of the spots at the top of the worst places belong to cities in California. However, Columbia does make this list at spot 23, meaning it’s pretty high on the list that has spots for 75 places to drive.

Many residents of Columbia would probably like to see that rank decrease or not make the list of 75 at all. So what can South Carolina drivers do?

Safe Driving Habits

Changing driving behaviors to channel precaution, patience, and overall safety will help make Columbia a safer city to drive in.

  • No Distractions. People often feel the need to check their phone while driving, but this puts them and others at risk of getting in an accident. The phone takes your eyes off the road, one hand off the wheel, and distracts your brain from the task at hand. Whatever notification you want to look at or message you want to respond to, it can wait. It’s much more important to drive safely. Phones aren’t the only distraction. Fiddling with the radio or trying to eat both keep your focus from driving.
  • Drive Defensively. Defensive drivers follow the speed limit, don’t tailgate, and keep a calm mind when driving. It’s easy to get angry at other drivers if you’re trying to get somewhere in a rush which can lead to risky driving decisions. Always give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination and follow the rules of the road.

Making these changes could have a profound effect on the nature of driving in South Carolina. Getting rid of distractions could mean less citations and less accidents. Driving defensively could reduce speeding. While driving in the city will probably never be someone’s favorite thing to do, it can certainly be made safer for everyone who lives there.

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