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The Importance of Family and Friends

Working at an injury law firm, we unfortunately witness suffering and the strength of the human spirit. When an individual is injured in a car wreck or other type of accident, family and friends can become a lifeline, helping the injured person both physically and emotionally, as they go through the recovery process. As we approach Thanksgiving and the holiday season, I believe it is important for all of us to reflect on what our family and friends mean to us.

I was very fortunate to grow up in a household where there was always love and guidance. My parents encouraged me to pursue my dreams, while instilling in me a solid sense of service to the community. I knew that my parents were always there for me, and my wife and I are working hard to ensure our children have that same level of support.

It is unfortunate that not everyone has the support of a loving family. Family and friends are our safety net, and “have our backs” when we need their help. For those without a family, friends can fill this role. But for those at high risk (like children, the disabled or the elderly) without families, it may seem as though no one cares.

Several years ago, my father James and I founded the Solomon Community Group with the goal of supporting the needs of the citizens of South Carolina by directly providing programs, scholarships and events that inspire the outlook necessary for increased self-worth, self-advancement, and self-discipline. We have touched many lives through the years and, I hope, have made a difference. I would encourage each of you to consider your blessings this Thanksgiving and ask yourself how you might share with those less fortunate. Donate to a food bank, buy a Christmas gift for a child or senior in need, volunteer time to serve meals at the homeless shelter, offer your time to a caregiver so he or she can get out for a few hours, or commit to a weekly visit to an elderly person in a nursing home who would otherwise have no visitors. You don’t have to spend money to help; we can each “do good” in so many different ways.

From all of us here at the Solomon Law Group, we wish you and your family a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving.

~Carl L. Solomon


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