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The Solomon Law Group’s Legal Matters Newsletter Covers Food Delivery Accidents and More

The Solomon Law Group's Legal Matters Newsletter Covers Food Delivery Accidents and More

We wanted to share with you that our law firm, The Solomon Group, has just released the spring 2024 installment of our newsletter, Legal Matters. This quarterly personal injury newsletter covers a wide variety of topics related to personal injury law that we believe may be helpful to you or someone you know if they’re hurt due to someone else’s negligence.

What To Expect in the Spring 2024 Installment of Our Personal Injury Law Firm’s Newsletter

Our latest newsletter addresses a few key matters personal injury lawyers like ours often help clients with, including how:

  • Fault determinations work when motorists are involved in crashes with food delivery drivers
  • Liability waivers often don’t limit injury victims from filing lawsuits against trampoline parks
  • Packing your vehicle for a trip could be considered as “use of a vehicle,” thus allowing you to recover compensation for any catastrophic injuries you suffer while handling that activity
  • Closely related family members, like grandparents and their grandchildren, may enjoy ‘bystander’ rights to a financial recovery (due to negligent infliction of emotional distress) if one witnesses an injury incident involving the other
  • You should avoid taking certain steps if you’re planning or have already filed a medical malpractice case against a negligent healthcare provider

Who Can Help You If Someone Hurt You and You Need to Know Your Rights?

The types of cases discussed in our latest Legal Matters newsletter are just some of many examples of the types of cases we handle on behalf of injured or deceased clients here at our personal injury law firm in Columbia, SC.

We would be happy to discuss your unique case and your rights within it during a free consultation with one of our lawyers.

Meeting with an attorney is free of charge, and if we take on your case, we won’t charge you anything unless we win a settlement for you.

So, get in touch with us now. There’s a limited window to take legal action when injury incidents like these occur.

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