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When Things Get Too Fast and Too Furious

South Carolina’s Interstate 26 had a serious scare recently when three tractor-trailer rigs were involved in a fiery crash closing the highway for hours. The driver who caused the accident was charged with driving too fast after hitting a car that was stopped on the shoulder of the road. This first crash left a large amount of debris on the road. Soon after, a large tractor-trailer came along and made contact with the debris. This inevitably caused the tractor-trailer to light up in flames, which ended up spreading to another part of the road. An additional tractor-trailer hit the flames on the road. Remarkably no one was killed. While this time all passengers came away unscathed, usually accidents like these end up with causalities. More importantly, this accident may not have occurred had the initial driver not been driving too fast.

What Does It Mean to Drive Too Fast?

When learning to drive, many are told that the car is a weapon when not handled properly. This is why when a person drives too fast and injures another, the injured person should be entitled to damages. South Carolina Law has strict rules regarding speeding. A person is forbidden from driving a car too fast on a highway if the speed is greater than that under which is reasonable and prudent during those conditions. When a person does not abide by these guidelines and collides with another car, they can be charged with driving too fast and held liable for a car accident.

A person who causes an accident due to excessive speeding can be charged with a misdemeanor and will be fined or imprisoned by the state. However, this does not include the amount that the person will owe the victim for medical expenses, lost wages and auto repairs. If a person is able to prove that the other car is driving too fast then they will be entitled to damages.

Evidence Needed to Be Made Whole

A person can prove that the other person was driving too fast by using circumstantial and direct evidence. If a person or their passenger admits to driving too fast this would be characterized as direct evidence. On the contrary, indirect evidence would involve an auto mechanic statement on how a person driving too fast caused the vehicle damage. If a person has ample evidence and the right evidence then they should seek damages. An attorney will be able to explain what additional evidence will be necessary to obtain in order to have a strong claim.

Have You Been Injured By Someone Driving Too Fast?

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident caused by someone who was driving too fast, you may be entitled to damages and medical bills. Our firm, The Solomon Law Group, has a team of experienced attorneys who are available to listen to the hardship that you have faced because of your accident. Contact our firm at 803-219-8870 so we can determine whether you are eligible to seek compensation for your accident.

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