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What Type of Doctor Should I See After a Car Wreck?

Car accidents cause a lot of stress. It’s a traumatic experience, but then you have to worry about injuries, insurance, and if you were responsible for the accident. Many people start to worry about recovering from their injuries and if they’ll have to miss work. While you will have to deal with insurance companies and car accident claims eventually, don’t get ahead of yourself. Your health and wellbeing should come before everything.

If you don’t believe you were at fault for the accident, a South Carolina car accident lawyer from the Solomon Law Group can help you with your claim. Our expert lawyers will answer any questions you have and work with you step by step in this process. We’ll make sure you get compensation for the injuries and damages you’ve suffered.

When Should You Call 911?

After an accident, you or another person involved in the crash may need immediate medical attention. In these cases, you always call 911. Never hesitate to call for help. They’ll take you to an emergency room and take care of the injuries you sustained. Don’t let fear of insurance coverage prevent you from calling or try to downplay your injuries. Personal injury protection policies make sure that there won’t be difficulty with your insurance provider as long as you went to the emergency room after the accident.

What If You’re Unsure About Your Injuries?

You may not think you need to go to the emergency room, but this doesn’t mean that you don’t need medical attention. Car accident injuries aren’t always apparent right after it happens. Some injuries can take hours or days to show symptoms. But in that time, the injuries have been worsening. This could increase the time it takes you to recover from the injuries, which could affect your personal and work life.

You may also not get full compensation for your injuries because you waited to go to the doctor and that’s what made your injuries worse. You could become financially responsible for your hospital bills, medical expenses, and rehabilitation. Even if you don’t think you have serious injuries after a car accident, you should still visit the emergency room and tell the doctor what happened.

After your first hospital visit, you may need further appointments. The hospital can tell you which other hospitals are covered by your insurance or if you should meet with your primary health care physician.

When Can You Get Back to Work?

It’s also important to listen to what your doctor tells you. They will monitor your injuries and tell you how long you should rest. But people in car accidents sometimes feel pressure to return to work sooner because they’re worried about coworkers judging them for taking time off work to heal. Don’t ignore pain or try to fight through it because it means that something is wrong. Returning to work before you’re fully healed can make your injuries worse and prolong your recovery time. You need to let your body heal and work with your doctor.

After your injuries are taken care of, you can start to pursue legal options. Your car accident lawyer can help you get a favorable settlement that covers your injuries from the accident.

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