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What Are the Dangers of Third-Party Vape Products?

The vaping trend has taken a strong foothold in society, but not without consequence. There have been reports of people suffering from lung injuries and even losing their lives because of using vape products. While there are some theories as to what’s causing these health issues, everyone should be aware of how using third-party vape products have inherent risks that can result in life-altering or life-threatening injuries.

Third-Party Vape Products Aren’t Regulated

While there are many vape retailers on the market, there’s also other ways people can obtain vape products. They can easily buy them online and have the product shipped to their home.

In one case in Pennsylvania, this accessibility could have been a factor in a teenager’s recent battle for his life. After using vape products for a year, the teen went from being healthy to depending on life support. He was hospitalized for 18 days. While he was in surgery, he needed to be on an ECMO machine, or extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, which is for people in respiratory or heart failure. After the surgery, the teenager now has to learn how to live life with a third less of his original lung capacity.

The teenager bought this vape pen and liquid from third-party sellers, unknowingly inhaling a liquid full of pesticides. The parents were concerned at how easily he could obtain these products. People need to show ID when purchasing cigarettes, but these barriers aren’t in place for third-party distributors of e-cigarettes. Let’s take a look at how the FDA is responding to situations like this.

The FDA’s Response to Third-Party Vape Products

As the vaping crisis continues, the FDA is warning people to stay away from certain types of vape products to help keep the public well-informed and safe. Reports of over 1,000 lung injuries state that some of the patients used vaping products that contain THC. The FDA issued the warning to people who:

  • Use vaping products that have tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a chemical in marijuana that is psychoactive.
  • Use products that have been bought from third-party sellers and haven’t been regulated.
  • Are having symptoms like shortness of breath, coughing, or chest pain after they vape.
  • Are health care professionals with patients who use vaping products.

The FDA also included family members in the warning as well. This could be because they could help warn their loved ones about the dangers of vaping, but they may also be exposed to inhaling secondhand chemicals and should be aware their health may be at risk, too.

The recommendations are as follows:

  • Not using THC vape products.
  • Do not use vape products bought off the street or from a third-party seller, especially ones that contain THC.
  • Do not modify the vaping device or add own oils. Modifying vaping products bought from retailers is still dangerous.
  • The FDA has not approved vaping products for therapeutic reasons or are authorized for marketing. If you’re looking to use THC as a treatment for a medical condition, the FDA strongly recommends you speak to your doctor first and do not try to treat conditions on your own.
  • Groups of people who should avoid vaping at all costs include pregnant women and youth.
  • If you are using vape products and recognize any symptoms, such as coughing, shortness of breath, or chest pain, you should seek medical attention.

While the substances in an e-cigarette can be deadly, there’s also the nature of the device itself. Let’s take a look at how malfunctioning e-cigarettes can be deadly.

E-Cigarettes Can Explode

While explosions are uncommon, if someone purchases products that aren’t regulated, they may be getting poor quality products that could explode and cause serious injuries. FEMA reported the following statistics about vape explosions:

  • 195 explosions and fire involving e-cigarettes have been reported in the U.S. between January 2009 and December 31, 2016.
  • 133 acute injuries were a result of the explosions. 38 were severe injuries.
  • 62% of explosions happened when in use or in the user’s pocket.

One teenager boy was using an e-cigarette when it exploded in his mouth, which broke his lower jaw and had missing teeth. He needed surgery to remove some teeth because the explosion destroyed the sockets. A dental plate and wiring the jaw shut for six weeks were necessary to heal the boy’s mouth.

In another case, an e-cigarette explosion resulted in a fatality. A man was using the e-cigarette when it exploded and tore an artery in the neck.

If a vape pen explodes in someone’s pocket, they can sustain severe burn injuries and may need immediate medical attention.

While these tragic cases are rare, those who use vape products should be very cautious, as the devices didn’t show any signs of malfunctioning before these explosions occurred.

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