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When Can a Lawsuit Be Filed for Harmful Medication Side Effects?

When you’re taking medication for an ailment, you expect the medication to help you feel better. This could be managing pain and other symptoms or treating the ailment itself. Many medications can have side effects, but your doctor or the medication’s label may convey this to you so you’re aware of what can happen. However, when medication has harmful side effects that you weren’t aware of, you may be able to take legal action. A Columbia dangerous drug lawyer from Solomon Law Group can help you seek compensation for the injuries and losses you suffered from the harmful medication.

Possible Side Effects of Dangerous Drugs

According to the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics, a research center at Harvard University, properly prescribed drugs account for about 1.9 million hospitalizations a year. In addition to that, 840,000 hospitalized patients are given drugs that result in an adverse drug reaction. This totals to 2.74 million adverse drug reactions in a year. The following issues can result:

  • Physical Issues. If the drug causes physical side effects, the person may experience issues with muscles, joints, and inflammation. This can affect mobility.
  • Organ Damage. The drug may cause damage to a serious organ. If the heart, lungs, liver, or other organs are damaged because of harmful side effects, there may be grounds for a lawsuit.
  • Critical Health Events. In some cases, harmful medication can increase the chance of or cause a heart attack or stroke. These situations can be debilitating and put the person’s life at risk.
  • Death. If your loved one took a medication that caused adverse side effects, it may have resulted in death. A dangerous drug attorney from Solomon Law Group can help you get justice for them.

When you’re going to take a medication, the doctor prescribing it needs to take a look at your other health conditions if you have any and medications you’re taking to treat those conditions. While taking a drug may not have certain side effects, the drug can react with other medication you’re taking. This reaction can result in injuries.

When our lawyers are on your side, we’ll review what medication you were given and what symptoms or injuries you suffered. If the harmful side effects have long-lasting consequences, we’ll calculate the costs of medical care and other necessary treatment or equipment you’ll need so you can heal and maintain a high quality of life.

Were You Aware of the Medication’s Side Effects?

It’s important to know the circumstances of how you were given the drug. For example, if you were prescribed medication and told about possible side effects and you elected to take the drug, you may not be eligible for compensation because you knew about the risks.

However, if you were given a drug while you were hospitalized, if someone made a medication error regarding the type of medicine or the dosage, or gave you a drug without warning about side effects or taking your other conditions into account, you should consider getting in touch with an attorney.

While you’re focusing on recovery, you may not know who the liable party is at first. That’s where our investigation comes in. Our lawyers will look into the drug you took, how you were given it, and the harm that it caused.

If you picked up medicine that didn’t have the harmful side effects as a warning on the label, you may be able to hold the manufacturer responsible for not warning the consumer. In other situations, a pharmacist may have given you the wrong medicine, or a doctor didn’t read your chart and gave you medication you were allergic to.

When we find the responsible party, we’ll begin collecting evidence and building your dangerous drug case. It can be intimidating to stand up to a negligent health professional or manufacturing company, but your dangerous drug lawyer be at your side every step of the way.

Solomon Law Group Can Fight for You

Suffering from side effects of harmful medication can be a scary experience with a possible long road to recovery. You shouldn’t have to worry about how you’re going to get the medical care you need so you can get back on your feet.

Solomon Law Group will build you a strong case and fight for you to get full and fair compensation. You’ll be able to cover the financial and emotional damages the dangerous drug caused. We can start helping you when you call us for a free case evaluation. We’ll explain your legal options and can begin the process of getting you the justice you deserve.

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