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Why Do You Need Representation from a Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer?

Most people who have been injured due to another party’s negligence are eager to settle the matter as soon as possible. It is understandable that you want to take every measure to move past the traumatic event and return to the things that are important to you. While some people may be tempted to think that handling the matter themselves is the quickest and easiest way to deal with a legal issue, it may not be in your best interests to take the risk of proceeding without the valuable legal expertise of an attorney. Having a qualified personal injury lawyer at your side will give you both the tools for success and the peace of mind you need.

At The Solomon Law Group, our Columbia personal injury lawyers take pride in helping our neighbors in Columbia, SC achieve justice. We know that not every legal matter requires you to hire an attorney, but in personal injury cases, when your physical and financial health may be at stake, not having the legal support you deserve and require can be costly. Let’s look at some of the ways a lawyer can help you throughout the legal process of your personal injury case.

Recover Your Losses

One of the challenges of personal injury claims is determining, and obtaining, exactly how much compensation you need to recover from the damages you sustained. Insurance companies are well-known for taking advantage of customers who may not have had legal training, making exceedingly low settlement offers to victims who are naturally more focused on physical healing than researching legal protocol. A lawyer, on the other hand, will know what amount you should rightfully be awarded.

Because this monetary amount is so specific to the conditions of each individual case, your lawyer will devote substantial time and effort to evaluating all the details of your case to determining a number. This includes researching information such as your medical records, the extent of your injury, whether you have sustained permanent damage, ongoing bills and expenses, loss of current or future income, property damage, pain and suffering, or one of several other factors related to your unique circumstances.

Hold Negligent Parties Accountable

When you are injured, you need to know that the party who caused your injury is being held responsible for their wrongful actions. Whether the opposing party in your personal injury case is an individual, company, large corporation, or other entity, your case can be a way to expose and put an end to negligent behaviors than may have gone on for months or years prior to your injury. Your case can prevent future harm, and stop instances of injurious actions such as drunk driving, unsafe food-handling, texting and driving, elder abuse, or the sale of toxic or hazardous products.

This can be an essential step in helping you recover emotionally, but it can also be a way for you take part in creating positive change in your community. When you bring a trusted, competent lawyer into your case, you are inviting the foresight and prudence necessary to give your case the best chance of success for the most impactful outcome.

Provide Expertise

Personal injury law is fraught with complexities and subtleties. Even if you think you have prepared well for your case, there are innumerable difficulties that can arise and force you to change your course of action at any point in the proceedings. Each state has a distinctive system of legislation dictating how you must handle a personal injury claim, and your lawyer will be well-versed in how to navigate this system. Your attorney will be able to effectively handle issues such as filing the correct forms, working within statutes of limitations, gathering necessary evidence to prove your claim, reacting to new and changing legislation, handling insurance companies, and negotiating settlements or representing you in court. A legal advocate with experience will be able to leverage their expertise to your benefit.

Negotiate Settlements

In most personal injury cases, you and your lawyer will be able to reach a settlement with the defendant without taking the case to trial. It is only in the minority of situations that a personal injury case will need to be taken to court. Just as your lawyer can help determine the amount of compensation you should receive, they will also work to take into account influential factors such as liability and the negligence laws in your state (South Carolina follows comparative negligence laws and implements a 51% rule). Your lawyer should not only be capable enough to help you make a compensation determination and write a demand letter, but should also possess the skill to tactfully, strategically, and ethically negotiate your settlement agreement with the opposing party.

Represent You in Court

It is true that most personal injury cases are settled out of court, but when an agreement cannot be reached on a settlement, going to trial may be your best option. Settling out of court and going to trial are two very different procedures. Not every lawyer is qualified to represent their clients before a judge and jury, and some personal injury attorneys only take cases that have a very high chance of settling out of court. We at The Solomon Law Group are confident that we can give you the professional representation you need and deserve in all legal situations—both in and out of court.

The Solomon Law Group Can Protect Your Rights

Every personal injury case is a complex and unique situation. That’s why we strive to build strong, trustful relationships with each of our clients. We work diligently to ensure that your case is given the individual attention it deserves, so it has the best opportunity for a favorable outcome. To you, the accident that caused your injury is not simply a legal matter—it is a life-changing event. And that is what we see when we agree to work with you through your case. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation meeting to discuss your case.

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