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Columbia Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers

Insurance policies protect people from significant financial losses. Typical policies offer protection in the event of a car accident or if someone incurs extensive hospital bills. When you have a policy with an insurance company, you expect them to hold up their end of the contract. However, if an insurance company doesn’t honor the policy, you can take legal action to seek compensation for the damages you incurred. Having a Columbia bad faith insurance lawyer from Solomon Law Group, LLC on your side will allow you to protect your rights.

How a Columbia Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer Can Help You

When you’re struggling with a claim denial or an insurance company that’s being uncooperative, our attorneys can help you. We understand how frustrating it can be to need to use your insurance policy, only to face setbacks and denials. We’re here to make sure that you’re able to get the compensation you deserve.

Our attorneys will review your insurance policy to see what it covered and the parameters for you to get coverage. Then, we’ll look at how the insurance company responded to you. Any letters, emails, or other forms of correspondence can help us find out what happened. Saving copies of your communication with the insurance company and keeping them in a secure place is a good idea so you can provide us with everything.

We’ll be able to see how long it took for the insurance company to respond to you and what their response was. If we find that they acted in bad faith, we can proceed to start fighting for you.

When you’re dealing with an insurance company, it’s because something affected you financially. You could be seeking damages from a motor vehicle accident. In this case, your settlement should cover the expenses the accident cost you. However, when the insurance company fails to meet its end of the bargain, there are further steps you can take when seeking justice.

Your Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer Will Seek Fair Compensation

Our attorneys will fight for you to recover damages for the economic losses of the accident. Your past and future medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and any other financial losses you incurred because of the accident are all considered economic losses.

We will also fight for your compensation to cover noneconomic losses. These are the other consequences of the accident. Pain and suffering and emotional distress are common examples of noneconomic losses. Usually, when an accident is more severe, the person can recover more in noneconomic damages because of how the person’s negligent actions affected their life.

You may have also experienced emotional distress as a result of how the insurance company denied you the coverage you deserved. Our lawyers will make sure they’re held accountable for not upholding the policy.

There is another factor to consider because of the insurance company’s actions. You may be eligible to seek punitive damages. These are meant to punish the insurance company and to prevent them from doing this again. Your lawyer will determine if these types of damages apply to your case.

Now that you know how an attorney can help you, let’s go over the different ways that an insurance company can act unethically.

Examples of Acting in Bad Faith

There are several tactics an insurance company may use to avoid giving you a fair settlement. Let’s take a look at some of the common indicators that they’re not upholding the contract.

  • Failure to Investigate Your Claim. When an insurance company doesn’t investigate your claim in a timely manner or conduct a thorough investigation, then they didn’t look into the details and facts of your case.
  • Intentionally Undervalued or Denied Your Claim. Offering a settlement that’s less than you deserve may occur. They may undervalue the extent of your medical bills. They may also deny your claim without providing a clear reason.
  • Purposely Acted Slowly. This may occur so your bills pile up and become overwhelming. Typically, people in this position may accept any offer, regardless of whether or not it’s fair, so they can begin paying their expenses.
  • Intentionally Misinterpreted Your Claim. Insurance companies may misconstrue part of the language of your policy and use that as an excuse to deny your claim.

If any of the examples discussed above happened to you, then your denial may be grounds for further legal action. If you do not recognize the situations above but still believe your claim was wrongfully denied, you should reach out to our Columbia bad faith insurance lawyer immediately.

Do You Have a Valid Bad Faith Insurance Claim?

A denial from an insurance company can be demoralizing. They may have been acting in bad faith, but it’s also important to know that there are legitimate reasons for a claim denial. If you’re wondering if you’ve been a victim of insurance bad faith, your lawyer will help you.

The insurance company could have a valid reason to deny your claim if any of the following are true:

  • Fault. If you were at fault for the accident, or partially at fault, then this may affect your ability to get coverage. The language of your coverage can say that if you were at fault, then you cannot receive compensation. The insurance company could deny your claim.
  • Coverage. You could be in a situation where your coverage doesn’t cover the expenses of the accident. The insurance company may not cover the losses of the accident.
  • No Injury. After an accident, you may walk away without any injuries. Because there aren’t any physical injuries, a need for recovery, or missing work for that recovery, your insurance company may not approve your claim. The insurance policy is so you have coverage for medical expenses. Without injuries, you won’t have anything to treat.
  • No Medical Evaluation. If you didn’t see a doctor after the accident, you may not have an account of your injuries. It’s important for you to be able to prove the accident caused those injuries. This could allow the insurance company to argue against your claim that you were hurt in the accident.

While there are reasons why an insurance company can deny a claim, it’s important for insurance companies to honor their agreement when the client hasn’t done anything wrong. When they’re acting in an unethical manner, we’ll be at your side. Our bad faith insurance lawyers will help you stand up for your rights and get the justice you deserve.

Solomon Law Group Is Here for You

When you’ve been hurt in an accident and your insurance company isn’t honoring their contract, you deserve someone who will stand up for you. A Columbia bad faith insurance lawyer will represent you and fiercely fight for you to recover full and fair compensation.

Solomon Law Group has experience in dealing with insurance companies, and we will not be intimidated by their tactics to give you an unfavorable settlement or deny your claim outright. We’ll review the evidence and build you a strong case. Together, we can fight for you to get the recovery you need.

To schedule a free consultation, get in touch with our office today.  We’re ready to fight for your future.

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