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Biking Accidents in Columbia SC

As the weather begins to warm up more and more bicyclists are getting out on the road. Bicycling is a great way to great fresh air and can act as a part of a healthy lifestyle. However, due to their lack of protections, cyclists who are involved in accidents often suffer serious injuries, especially if they are struck by a car or another motor vehicle.

Columbia currently has about 60 miles of biking trails. The city plans to expand its bike accessibility in the coming years by added more paved shoulders and bike lanes.

Earlier this week a bicyclist was struck on Asheville highway near Spartanburg by an ice cream truck. The ice cream truck did not stop and the bicyclist received life threatening injuries. There are two common types of accidents involving bicycles: crashes that involve just the cyclist and crashes that involve motor vehicles.

Solo Bicycle crash

Even though it may seem that a rider who is in a solo bicycle crash has no one to blame but themselves, this is not always the case. Poorly maintained roads, sewer grates and potholes can all contribute to a rider losing control. The South Carolina Department of Transportation has a duty to maintain its roads in a safe and serviceable condition. While ownership of roads varies in South Carolina it is possible that you may have a case against the state, town or other entity if your bicycle accident was caused by a poorly maintained road. However, filing a suit against a state or government entity can be a difficult process, so contacting an experienced attorney to help with your case is recommended.

Bicycle Crash with another Vehicle

When a cyclist is involved in a crash with a motor vehicle, injuries can be very severe. A cyclist has little to no protection compared to the safety features of a car such as seat belts and air bags. In 2013, 743 people died in bicycle accidents with around 500,000 being injured. Common causes of accidents involving bicycles and cars include bicycles being in a blind spot of a vehicle. Other common causes of bicycle injuries come from when a cyclist is riding next to a row of parked cars and a driver or a passenger opens a car door that clips the cyclist.

Generally, a cyclist has a duty to ride in a bicycle lane, but this is only the case if a bicycle lane is provided. Otherwise the bicyclist must ride as far to the right as possible. More laws about bicycle safety in South Carolina can be found here.

Were you injured in a bicycle accident?

An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you work through the process of making a claim and getting the compensation you deserve if you or a loved one has been in a bicycle accident. The personal injury attorneys at the Solomon Law Group can help you develop a personal injury case and can help you seek the recovery that you deserve.

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