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Columbia, SC Delivery Accident Lawyers

Columbia Delivery Accident Lawyers

Ordering items directly to our homes are becoming more common. There are major companies that have deliveries nearly every day—whether it’s for merchandise or food. Local businesses may also have delivery services. While this can be convenient, if the person driving the vehicle is negligent, they can cause an accident that injures others. You may wonder about your legal options if you have been hurt in an accident. You can protect your rights with a Columbia, SC delivery accident lawyer from Solomon Law Group, LLC


Delivery accidents are a bit different than large truck accidents. While you typically see large trucks traveling on the highway to transport goods all over the country, delivery vehicles can also be found driving through towns and neighborhoods, they’ll deliver right to someone’s door.

According to the CDC, delivery trucks and vans made up 9% of roadway fatalities in 2018. These accidents can also cause injuries. Let’s examine how delivery vehicle accidents can severely harm others.


There are several factors that can affect a delivery vehicle’s safety. Unfortunately, when the focus is on getting deliveries out as quickly as possible, sometimes unsafe vehicles could be put on the road. They would have issues with brakes or they may need to replace the tires. If essential upkeep like this is overlooked, delivery drivers may unknowingly operate dangerous vehicles. Let’s look at some other examples of why these vehicles are dangerous.

  1. Cargo. In addition to maintenance, how the way the truck is loaded can affect the driver’s ability to operate it safely. If the cargo is overloaded or not secured, it can overwhelm the vehicle or move around while the vehicle is in motion.
  2. Driver Inexperience. If the driver isn’t prepared to drive in poor weather, they may drive too fast for the conditions. Sliding on snow or ice could cause a collision. Delivery vehicles are also typically bigger than average vehicles, which can making them more top-heavy and likely to roll. When an accident occurs, the other party will likely sustain injuries.
  3. Types of Routes. Since these types of vehicles can typically be found in neighborhoods, the drivers also need to be aware of cars backing out of driveways, cyclists, and pedestrians. Speeding in a residential area could lead to fatal accidents or severe injuries.
  4. Exhaustion. Companies want deliveries to be done quickly, with some offering next-day shipping. This creates a difficult situation for drivers to push and get items delivered to meet these demands. Unfortunately, this can also result in fatigued drivers operating delivery vehicles. A fatigued driver can make a mistake or fall asleep at the wheel and severely harm someone in a crash.

No matter what the cause of your accident, our delivery accident lawyers will consult police reports and eyewitness accounts to find out what happened. We’ll make sure the responsible party is held accountable.


When you’re seeking compensation for your injuries, it can sometimes be difficult to find out who was at fault. While you may think it was the driver, that may not always be the case.

If the truck driver acted negligently, like driving while distracted or speeding, then you might hold them accountable for your injuries. You may think that because they’re driving a delivery truck, they work for that company and you may be able to hold the company liable, too.

However, sometimes drivers aren’t employed by the company. They could be hired as independent contractors. If this is the case, then the driver’s own insurance policy may be applied.

If the company was negligent in maintaining their vehicles, then this could be an instance where you hold the company liable for your injuries. You may also be able to hold them accountable if they encouraged their drivers to drive while exhausted, instead of taking a break and continue to operate the vehicle when they’re ready.

It takes an experienced Columbia, SC delivery accident lawyer to find who was at fault for your accident. Once we have the liable party, we will start fighting for you to receive full and fair compensation.


There are so many delivery services that it’s common to see all of them on a daily basis. Let’s go over what they are and what they do.

  1. USPS. The United States Postal Service provides mail processing and delivers mail to individuals and businesses. They are an independent agency within the government. Your lawyer can help you with your claim if you’ve been involved in a USPS accident.
  2. UPS. The United Parcel Service is a package delivery company. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there have been 1,893 driver inspections with unsafe driving violations in a 24-month period that ended on December 18, 2020. If you were injured because of an unsafe driver, our law firm is here for you if you were injured because of an unsafe driver.
  3. FedEx. Another common delivery service, FedEx also had driver inspections with unsafe driving violations. They had 249 inspections with unsafe driving violations at the end of a 24-month record that ended on December 18, 2020. We’ll hold the negligent party accountable for their actions.
  4. Amazon. Many people use this company to buy items and have it shipped to them. This is also a company often known for its fast shipping—which may cause drivers to make dangerous decisions behind the wheel. You could find that the driver wasn’t an employee and if they were, you could be involved with Amazon trying to get you to settle for less than what you deserve. It’s vital to get in touch with one of our delivery accident lawyers as soon as possible so we can fight for you.

You may be wondering how taking legal action can help you. Let’s take a look at what you can recover when you have an attorney representing you.


The accident could have left you with devastating injuries, a long recovery time, and medical bills. With our attorneys on your side, we’ll calculate the total losses that you’ve suffered.

We’ll seek compensation that covers your financial losses. Any medical costs you incurred because of this accident, whether it’s from past bills or future expenses, time away from work, or property damage, we’ll fight for you to recover.

Our lawyers will also consider your pain, suffering, and emotional distress into account. Delivery vehicle accidents can be traumatic. The injuries you sustained can cause pain and impede your daily ability to do basic tasks each day. You may also experience distress from the accident and now have to recover and get your health back before returning to your everyday life.

Our law firm will fight for you. You deserve to receive compensation so you can work on healing. While going up against a company can be intimidating because they have their own legal representation and may push to get you to settle, we’ll be at your side.


If you or a loved one has been injured, it’s important to act quickly. There’s a better chance of preserving physical evidence and the sooner you begin this process, the sooner you can get the compensation you deserve.

The legal process can take time but our lawyers are here to protect your rights and help you stand up to the party that caused your injuries. When you have a Columbia, SC delivery accident lawyer as representation, you can rest assured that we’re going to do everything possible for you and your case.

Contact us today for a free evaluation of your case. We can discuss what happened to you and find the best way for you to proceed so you can secure your financial future.

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