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What Benefits Does Workers’ Compensation Cover?

Workers’ compensation is a system of insurance that protects employees who are hurt or become sick while performing their duties. Medical expenses, income replacement, and death benefits are examples of workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation is usually required in most states, which means businesses must provide coverage for their staff. In general, workers’ comp benefits include:

Medical Benefits

Medical benefits under workers’ compensation will typically cover all reasonable and necessary medical expenses related to the employee’s injury or illness. This can include costs for hospitalization, surgery, medication, rehabilitation, and other types of treatment. In some cases, workers’ compensation may also cover the cost of travel to and from medical appointments.

Income Replacement Benefits

Income replacement benefits provide financial assistance to employees who are unable to work because of their injury or illness. The amount of these benefits will vary depending on the jurisdiction, but they typically replace a portion of the employee’s lost wages. In some cases, income replacement benefits may be paid for a set period of time, while in others, they may be paid until the employee is able to return to work.

Can I Get Disability After a Workers Comp Settlement?

Yes, you may be eligible for disability benefits through Social Security even after receiving a workers’ compensation settlement. When you file for disability, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will not consider your workers’ compensation payments when determining whether you meet their definition of disabled.

In order to be eligible for disability benefits from the SSA, you must have a medical condition that has kept you from working for at least one year or is expected to do so.Your condition must also be listed in the SSA’s “Blue Book” of disabling conditions or be of equal severity to a listed condition.

While you can still get disability, you may receive lesser compensation because the SSA considers workers’ compensation when determining your monthly benefit amount.

If you have any questions about whether you qualify for disability benefits, contact us today.

How Can Hire a Lawyer Be Beneficial?

When someone suffers a work-related injury, the last thing they want to do is go through the hassle of finding and hiring a lawyer. However, there are several benefits to working with an attorney who has experience in workers’ compensation cases.

For one, a lawyer can help you navigate the often complex workers’ compensation system. They will know the ins and outs of the system and can help you get the maximum amount of benefits you are entitled to.

Additionally, an attorney can help you deal with insurance companies. Insurance companies are often reluctant to pay out on claims, but a lawyer can help put pressure on them to ensure you get the settlement you deserve.

Finally, if your case goes to trial, having a lawyer by your side can increase your chances of success. An experienced lawyer will know how to present your case in the best light and will fight for your rights in court.

Is Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Worth It?

In general, if your injuries are serious and you’ve been out of work for an extended period of time, it’s probably worth it to hire a lawyer. A lawyer can help you navigate the workers’ compensation system and fight for the maximum amount of benefits you are entitled to.

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