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Families without Firestops Are at a Greater Risk of Burn Injuries

A house fire is a tragic event for any family in South Carolina. House fires often lead to catastrophic damage to the home, and may even cause devastating injuries or even death. Sadly, some homes lack proper fire safety features that normally help limit the spread of flames and resulting damage; in the absence of these fire safety features the fire can quickly get out of control. One such fire safety feature is a firestop, a device that homes should have to ensure the safety of the residents within.

What are Firestops?

Firestops are physical barriers built into a home or structure that can help prevent the spread of a fire. Without firestops, a fire has free access to shoot straight up the walls of a house and into the attic, eventually engulfing the entire building in flames. Additionally, firestops help prevent the spread of deadly gases or toxic smoke by funneling the fumes through strategic openings in the ventilation, electrical, and plumbing structures.

Firestops can also be a process that involves using various types of materials and sealants around pipes and other features in order to limit the spread of the flames. Unsealed joints, cable penetrations, pipe penetrations, doors, and windows are all areas that need to be firestopped.

Who is Responsible for Firestops?

Despite being a critical safety feature in buildings and homes, and a requirement in building codes, firestopping is not always a priority for contractors. In fact, it does not fall under any specific trade’s specialities. Often, the work is subcontracted out. Furthermore, because of changing technology and buildings being upgraded at faster rates, very few tradesmen are properly trained in firestopping. Therefore, the end result is firestopping that is not done properly, and it puts a home at greater risk of complete destruction. It then falls on the building owners or general contractors to make sure their contract specifically requires firestopping installation to be done by those with specific training.

For many homeowners, however, this is not a decision in which they will have any input, and in some cases they may not even know is an issue. It is only after it is too late and their home is burnt down and their family has suffered serious burns or injuries that many individuals realize their building was not properly firestopped. If that is the case, it is important to contact an experienced attorney who can help you hold those responsible for any injuries you may suffer from a fire, gas leak, or explosion.

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