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New Law Helps Families with International Adoptions

Adopting a child is a wonderful process that allows parents to share their love with a non-related child. Many American families would like the opportunity to adopt children; however, this process does not only take time, but can be extremely costly. The recently passed Adoptive Family Relief Act can help with the financial burden that may come with international adoptions.

National Versus International Adoption

Whether you are interested in adopting an American citizen from South Carolina or a child from a foreign country, you will be forced to follow the regulations outlined in the South Carolina Children’s Code adoption section. This process can be long and complex especially if you are adopting a child from a foreign country. A comprehensive list of steps that a person must take to adopt in South Carolina is outlined on the South Carolina Department of Social Services website. In addition to the basic adoption requirements such as background checks and home inspections, those thinking of adopting children from foreign countries must also complete the necessary steps that allow for the child to come to the United States.

Due to regulations both nationally as well as in the country you plan on adopting the child from, you could be faced with a long waiting time. This is when attorneys who know how to navigate the legal adoption system will come in handy. Their experience will allow them to efficiently navigate through any potential setbacks that present themselves.

The Adoptive Family Relief Act

On July 14, 2015, the senate passed The Adoptive Family Relief Act to aid families who are adopting children from foreign countries. The Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Senator Chuck Grassley, who supported The Adoptive Family Relief Act, expressed how beneficial the act is for families who already have to deal with issues that are prolonging their adopted children from coming to the United States. The act allows these families who are waiting to not have to pay to renew the adopted child’s visa.

For instance, families who have been able to successfully adopt children from foreign countries can still be faced with a long wait time because certain governments refuse to issue the adopted children exit visas in a timely fashion. Since the children’s American visas will only last for six months, the families must continue to renew the visas, which can become costly. The Adoptive Family Relief Act ensures that families either do not have to pay for the renewal or are refunded for the cost of renewing the visa.

Considering an International Adoption

Although the adoption process can be difficult, it can also be an extremely gratifying endeavor. Our adoption attorneys are highly trained in the area of adoption law, and are available for a free consultation. If you are interested in adopting a child, please contact our firm, The Solomon Law Group, today at 803-219-8870. We will use our combined knowledge and experience to ensure that your adoption experience runs as smoothly as possible.

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