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Orangeburg Personal Injury Lawyer

Have you recently been hurt in a car or truck accident, hurt at work, injured by chemical exposure, hurt on a construction site, or simply frustrated by an insurance company that has refused to pay benefits that are owed to you, our injury lawyers can help!

The injury lawyer you choose should be more than just “competent.” Your legal team should be remarkable. Your personal injury attorney should provide you with resources to deal with all aspects of your case, answer questions, prepare meticulously for trial (if need be) and be prepared to fight on your behalf.

A remarkable firm such as the Solomon Law Group works daily to exceed your expectations. We work to get you compensation to cover damages you have suffered, which may include but are not limited to, medical and surgical costs, lost work time (wages), anxiety, loss of consortium, pain and suffering, mileage and many out of pocket costs that you may face.

Remarkable means following up with clients promptly. It means cultivating a reputation for being tough but fair, savvy and compassionate. We make sure our clients feel comfortable, but at the same time, we send a message, loud and clear, to insurance companies and liable parties that we mean business. We are constantly building and using our credentials for the benefit of our clients.

Don’t Delay Getting in Touch with an Injury Lawyer

Injury victims often find themselves in a state of a paralysis after a traumatic event and sometimes do not act swiftly enough. When a terrible event disrupts everything in your world, it’s only human nature to “wait a little” to get your head together before moving forward. But this approach may not be the best idea. Here’s the reason why: Evidence from the accident or injury may get lost or even be deliberately destroyed in the hours and days after the accident. Witness recollections will go grow foggier and more inaccurate as time passes after the incident. Even your own recollection of the event will give way to hazier, less accurate memories. And if you wait a long enough after the accident or injury, you may even lose your ability to make a claim altogether, due to the “statute of limitations,” even if you have compelling evidence on your side.

Every Orangeburg personal injury case is different. If you retain us as your injury lawyer, we’ll give you the professional attention you need to get the most out of your case. We will listen to what you want and need and help you feel calm, comfortable, and taken care of throughout the case.

The Solomon law Group takes most cases on a contingency basis. This means that our clients do not pay, until we win a trial verdict or win a settlement for them. We are happy to answer any questions you have about our processes, philosophy, credentials, or experience.

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