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Taking an Uber can be a better alternative than driving yourself in certain situations. When you’re going to the airport, planning on drinking or already were drinking, or just don’t feel like driving in traffic, you can choose to order an Uber to take you where you need to go. But since these drivers are also human and imperfect, sometimes accidents can happen while you’re in your ride.

When your Uber driver gets into an accident that injures you and damages your property, you could use the help of a Columbia, SC Uber accident lawyer to fight for your rights. With The Solomon Law Group on your side, you’ll feel confident in your claim and have experienced lawyers working to get you the compensation that you deserve for your losses.

What to Do After an Accident in Your Uber

After an accident in an Uber, you might be confused about what to do. You chose to use the rideshare service so that you didn’t have to drive or risk a collision, and yet here you are dealing with injuries and property damage from someone else’s negligence. Whether your driver caused the wreck, or another driver collided with the vehicle you were riding in, what you do after your Uber accident will likely be the same.

Here’s what you can do after a collision in an Uber to help protect yourself and your rights:

  • Call Emergency Services. As with any car accident, when property damage and suspected injuries occur from a collision, you should call emergency services so that police and medical personnel arrive on the scene to make a report and give medical attention to anyone who could be hurt. As a safety feature, Uber now offers an emergency button that dispatches you to 911 through the app so that they have all of your necessary information as soon as you reach out to emergency services.
  • Speak to the Police. When the police arrive on the scene, you’ll want to speak with them to give them an objective account of what happened. Avoid making claims about who caused the accident or whose fault it was if you’re not completely sure about what happened. A police report will be important documentation for you later if you need to file an insurance or other claim.
  • Seek Medical Attention. If you think you’re injured, or even if you don’t think you’re hurt, you’ll want to seek out medical attention immediately after an accident. A medical evaluation will be able to identify if you have an injury and will give you documentation of that injury. Not only will that help you get quick treatment and heal more quickly, but it will also provide you with proof that the incident directly caused your injury.
  • File a Report with Uber. Uber has many safety features to ensure that riders get where they need to go, and one of those features is the ability to report an accident while you were on a trip with one of their drivers. After an Uber accident you should report the incident directly with the app as a rider so that there is increased documentation and so that you are able to get the compensation you deserve from your injuries. You can report an incident here.
  • Hire a Lawyer. Once you’ve reported the accident with the proper authorities and have been evaluated for any injuries, you should hire a Columbia, SC Uber accident lawyer to ensure that your rights are protected. An attorney will fully investigate what happened and compile all of the necessary documents to get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries and any property damage you incurred.

At The Solomon Law Group in South Carolina, one of our lawyers will help build you a strong claim so that you can have peace of mind.

Whose Insurance Covers Your Injuries?

Even after you follow the steps of what to do after your wreck, you might be wondering whose insurance covers the damages that you suffered. Since your accident happened while you were riding in an Uber, the app was turned on and registered as a ride in progress, so the company’s insurance policy is likely what will cover the cost of your injuries and damages.

Here’s what Uber’s company policy covers when you’re in an accident while a ride is in progress:

  • $1,000,000 third-party liability for bodily injury and property damage
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury
  • Contingent comprehensive coverage

What’s most important for a rider is the first item, the third-party liability coverage. This means that your injuries and property damage will be covered in the event of a collision while you are riding in an Uber. This is why it’s important to ensure there is an accident report for your collision and that you report the wreck to Uber as the rider. That way, you can recover the financial compensation you’re owed by the company.

However, insurance companies can sometimes make it difficult for victims to recover what they deserve. That’s why hiring a Columbia, SC Uber accident attorney can be helpful. Our attorneys will fight for you to get fair compensation for your injuries and keep you from settling for less than you deserve.

You Can Trust The Solomon Law Group to Help You

In Columbia, there are plenty of rideshares available for you to use, and one of them is Uber. Even though ordering an Uber can be a responsible choice, it’s not guaranteed that your driver or the other drivers on the road will make good choices behind the wheel. When this happens, they can cause an accident that leaves you with injuries and other damages.

An Uber accident lawyer from The Solomon Law Group in Columbia, SC can help you file a claim so you can financially recover from your accident. We understand that you might be feeling overwhelmed while trying to heal physically and emotionally. That’s why we’ll take care of the legal side of things for you. Reach out to us today so we can start helping you as soon as possible.

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