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Make Your Home A Happy One With Adoption

As a caring future parent of an adopted child, it is important to prepare for your adoption. Among the paperwork and legalities, what is most important is providing a happy home for your child. Below are some tips for navigating the adoption process, and making your adoption a successful one, from beginning to end.

1. Make A Physical Connection

Adopting a child has fundamental differences from natural births, one of which is an emotional/psychological connection that can be traced to our own biology. With natural birth, child and mother are deeply connected through the pregnancy and birthing process. When you adopt, this naturally occurring phenomena is lost, so it is important to create attachment between you and your adopted child. Spend time every day holding your child, up to several hours, and make eye contact for elongated periods of time. This should be shared between the mother and the father, but is particularly important for infants and their new mothers. This will take some time, but by creating a physical connection, you will also be developing an emotional bond.

2. Use Perspective And Understanding

Adoption requires a period of adjustment for both the parents and the child. Careful planning on your part can help make that transition easier, but even if you have prepared a nursery and have all the essentials, your child will still be grieving the loss of a familiar environment. Try to envision the adoption process through the eyes of your new child, and know that first few months could mean a time of emotional withdrawal or excessive crying. It can take several weeks or months for babies and small children to grow accustomed to new smells, sights and smells, so exercise patience.

3. Take Time For Yourself

Adoption can be a stressful process, whether you are adopting from within your own town or from across the world. A happy home is one with a strong family dynamic, so be mindful of your marriage and other children. Make sure your children are well informed about the adoption process and what to expect in the future of your family. Plan family events, have one-on-one time with your children, hire a babysitter and go out for a date—all of these will help to strengthen your family dynamic before, during and after an adoption.

4. Find An Adoption Lawyer Who Can Ease The Process

When you work alongside an adoption lawyer, you will be empowering yourself with a professional who can help guide you through the adoption process. In South Carolina, this means communicating with the county court system, filling out and filing paperwork. This can be a time of uncertainty, and our adoption lawyers will work diligently to make sure you fully understand the adoption process, and get your application through the system as efficiently as possible.

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