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Plane Crashes in South Carolina

According to a recent compilation of data from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in 2014, there were approximately 6,498 total active issued pilot licenses issued in the state of South Carolina. Whether you are a pilot, co-pilot, or a passenger, being involved in a private or commercial airplane crash can have long-term legal implications in terms of property damage, personal injury, and insurance coverage issues. In 2014, it was estimated by the Federal Aviation Administration that there were approximately 593,499 total active pilot certificates being held by individuals in the U.S. This statistic alone shows that there are a substantial number of individuals who became victims of plane crashes, and therefore need to fully understand the legal implications of if and when a plane crash occurs.

In the State of South Carolina, all aircraft are required to be registered through the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SDOT) and the South Carolina FSDO, including paying annual registration fees, certificates of registration, renewals, and certificates of compliance. In fact, South Carolina law mandates that any and all aircraft registered must post a certificate, where it may be seen by passengers or inspectors (i.e., on the pocket of the kick panel) and must be presented for inspection upon demand by any passenger, any peace officer of the state, any officer or authorized employee or designee of the department, or any official, manager or person in charge of any airport or any restricted landing area in South Carolina upon which the aircraft lands. As such, if you are an owner or operator of an aircraft in South Carolina, you need to be certain that such certificates are posted in public and accessible areas. If you are a passenger of such an aircraft, you are entitled to ask and otherwise view such information.

Such laws are important if the aircraft is ever involved in an accident, and can affect your issues relating to property damage, personal injury, and insurance coverage. Issues regarding insurance coverage, claims, and liability, are generally determined based upon the information you are able to obtain at the scene of the accident and become significantly more complicated the less information you are able to obtain.

For commercial passengers, most reputable airlines now have specific claims processing information, including a claims division or department, that can evaluate, review, and process any individual claims, whether it be an injury sustained as a result of falling mishandled baggage by an airline attendant, a slip and fall, or something more serious, if there is personal injury resulting from an actual plane crash.

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