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By: Solomon Law Group, LLC

South Carolina U-Turn Laws

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One way to make a change of direction on a roadway is to perform a sharp left turn called a “U-turn”.  A U-turn is the fastest way a driver can begin driving in the opposite direction.  But because this maneuver can be dangerous in the wrong situation or in the wrong spot, many states regulate when and where it can be performed.

U-turns are legal in the state of South Carolina at intersections where there are no posted signs prohibiting them.  A driver must be in the extreme left lane to perform a legal U-turn.  Performing a U-turn from any other lane is not permitted.

Can a U-Turn Be Performed Safely on South Carolina Roads?

U-turns have the potential to be dangerous for multiple reasons.  Performing a U-turn requires a driver to slow way down, rather than accelerate like most drivers turning through an intersection.  Drivers behind a car performing a U-turn have no way to anticipate the deceleration and a rear-end collision could occur.

Additionally, when drivers make a U-turn, they are potentially turning in front of cars that are turning “right on red”.  If there are no signs prohibiting U-turns and the driver performing the U-turn has the green light or right-of-way, any collision that occurs would be the fault of the other driver.

Still, it is important to be cautious.  Anytime you perform a U-turn, be aware that other drivers around you may not be properly anticipating your actions.  Take it slow and be prepared to react defensively.

If you or someone you love has been the victim of an accident on South Carolina roads, a Columbia car accident lawyer can help.  Whether involving an illegal U-turn or any other traffic violation, Solomon Law Group is dedicated to finding justice for their clients and helping victims return their lives to normal.  Contact our legal team today for a free, no-obligation consultation of your case.