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What is Worker’s Compensation?

Worker’s Compensation, which is often referred to as worker’s comp, refers to a series of laws that support somebody who is injured at work. Often time, worker’s compensation includes making sure that an individual has access to appropriate medical care, financial resources in the case of lost wages, and rehabilitation services in order to return to the workforce. In addition, there can be benefits eligible to surviving members of a family if somebody dies on the job.

In South Carolina, worker’s compensation is compulsory, which means that employers are required by law to provide worker’s compensation to employees. An employer may decide to cover their employees through a private insurance carrier or self-insurance. However, special employment situations may alter the eligibility of residents in South Carolina. For example, employers with fewer than four employees are exempt from the state’s regulation that ensures worker’s compensation. There are additional exemptions on worker’s compensation for agricultural and domestic workers.

Disability due to Workplace Injury

If you are living with a disability after experiencing a workplace injury, your medical bills and lost wages may be covered under worker’s compensation. There are two types of disabilities that are covered by worker’s compensation, including temporary total disability and permanent total disability. In South Carolina, temporary total disability allows employees to receive an amount that is determined by the worker’s wage at the time of the injury, is subject to a weekly maximum, and can continue up to five-hundred weeks. Similarly, permanent total disability is also based on a worker’s salary at the time of the injury, is subject to a weekly maximum amount, but payments may only continue up to three-hundred forty weeks. There are special considerations for permanent disfigurement of the face, head, neck, or other areas normally seen during employment, which may alter the amount of money received by the survivor of the injury. The filing deadlines can often be complicated for receiving worker’s compensation and you can be supported through the process to make sure you receive the benefits you deserve.

Worker’s Compensation Due to Death

If you have lost a spouse due to a serious workplace injury that resulted in death, you and your children may be eligible for significant benefits. Worker’s compensation after death is based on the person’s wage that experienced the injury. Often times, worker’s compensation covers some of the costs associated with burial, in order to make the burden of the sudden loss easier on the family.

At the Solomon Law Group, we know that injuries can have series emotional consequences for surviving family members, as well as a significant financial impact on the family. We are happy to answer any questions that prospective clients have related to this type of litigation. The firm works alongside a team of litigation attorneys to make sure that we are obtaining justice for our clients. To see if you have a case or for a free review of your situation, you can call us toll free at 803-219-8870.

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