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Your Rights: When Hiring a Lawyer Due to Injury or Death

Most people hire a lawyer without thinking about what type of lawyer is needed to pursue an injury or death claim. The Solomon Law Group team is compromised of lawyers, nurses and legal personnel who are dedicated to the field of injury or wrongful death claims.

We accept cases involving auto accident, motorcycle incidents, trucking collisions, inadequate security cases, slip and fall claims, and incidents involving catastrophic injuries or death. We partner with our clients in achieving a settlement that the client decides best fits their needs. And if we cannot achieve a fair settlement through negotiations, then we are prepared to try the case before a jury of your peers. Our experience in litigation is well know and our reputation speaks for itself.

We handle all our cases with a contingency fee contract. This contract is a step-by-step overview of responsibilities to ensure that your claim moves forward. It is written in clear easy to understand terms. Our fee is based solely on what we can collect for you. If we are unsuccessful in the claim or the jury does not find in your favor, you owe us nothing.

You are entitled to the very best efforts of a lawyer in the pursuit of your claim. You should be treated with courtesy and respect. Your lawyer should be open with you about all transactions in the case. You have the right to talk to your lawyer when the need is there.

Finally at all times the decisions concerning your case and a settlement of the claim rests in your hands. We give you our advice and recommendations but you make the final decision. This is your right.

The Solomon Law Group believes in forming partnerships with our clients. We want your input into the case. We want to know what you think at all times. And in return, we will share our knowledge, expertise and actions with you. We believe that together we achieve the best possible results.

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